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Austin Mini head gasket small bore 850 998 1100cc

Austin Mini head gasket small bore 850 998 1100cc

Austin Mini head gasket small bore 850 998 1100cc
Selected: 850, 998, 1098cc Head Gasket OEM
Part No: GUG702506HG
Fits the following:
Classic Mini
Sprite & MG Midget
Morris Minor
Alternate Products
Head Gasket Non 1275 - Composition Material (non Copper)
$15.98 Head Gasket Non 1275 - Composition Material (non Copper)
Genuine Minispares head gasket with 3.35cc compressed volume
It is generally believed that the best head gaskets are made of copper but there is more than one copper head gasket on the market. Fits 850/997/998/1100cc
Original Payen stamped gasket TAM2121 is now obsolete but ours are UK made to original specification of drawings with later day updates, with perfect combustion and oil fire rings,"plus they are cheaper"

If you are having problems with head gasket failure—ensure that all head studs have not pulled the thread up and countersink before refitting studs.
Do not put water in the radiator/engine until ready to start the car enabling gasket to seal properly.
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