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BMW Mini Cooper
Transmission Gearbox Rebuild Kit For A+ Rod Change Box

Transmission Gearbox Rebuild Kit For A+ Rod Change Box

Transmission Gearbox Rebuild Kit For A+ Rod Change Box
Internet Price $479.95
Part No: MMKT0800
Internet Price $479.95
All the "wear" parts for the Do It Yourself A+ Rod Change Tranny rebuild. Kit includes:
DAM3187=Layshaft, A+ 3-step
AAU1815=1st Gear Bearing, 4-Sync
ADU7619=1st Motion Bearing, Large
AAU8424=1st Motion Bearing, Outer
(2) AAU1816=2/3 Rd Gear Bearing, 4-Sync
AAU1365=3rd Motion Bearing
(2) AHU1707=Idler Bearings
GEG804=Tranny Gasket Set
(4) 22G2033MS=Baulk (Synchro) Rings
(2) CHM141=Laygear Bearings, 4-Sync
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