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BMW Mini Cooper
Classic Austin Mini Hydrolastic Wet To Dry With Hi/lo Suspension

Classic Austin Mini Hydrolastic Wet To Dry With Hi/lo Suspension

Classic Austin Mini Hydrolastic Wet To Dry With Hi/lo Suspension
Internet Price $699.95
Part No: MMKT0902
Internet Price $699.95
Your "wet" Mini is now over 30 years old and has probably developed a few problems with the Hydro system. The really bad news is that replacement parts can be nearly impossible to get and fixing one leak just means the next one will be in a different place! One final solution is to bite the bullet and go "Dry" This conversion kit includes:
(4) FAM3968=Cones (Springs) with Nut
C-AJJ3359=Pair Top Shock mounts, Lowered
(2) C-AJJ3361=Shock Pins, Competition
(2) 442002=Rear Shocks, Standard
(2) 442001=Front Shocks, Standard
(1) C-STR644 Hi-Lo Adjustable suspension Struts
See also kits: MMKT0900, -0901, -0905, -0909
I just ordered your wet to dry conversion kit and was wondering if you had any instructions to install it? I had a look online and it seems this is very difficult to install? Some say more parts are needed? Or is this different as it’s a conversion kit? I was hoping it was an all included kit. The kit I ordered is MMKT0902

Have you subscribed to our YouTube channel? We've got a number of videos for rebuilding the front and rear subframes. Those are dry setups so these parts would go together as they do in this video. The shock brackets should come with their own instructions, I believe.

Take a look at the videos we have posted and see if they answer some of your questions:

If you have other questions we're here to help as you go along.



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