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Mini Cooper Front Big Brake Kit Brembo 12.6 Gen1

Mini Cooper Front Big Brake Kit Brembo 12.6 Gen1

Mini Cooper Front Big Brake Kit Brembo 12.6 Gen1

Mini Cooper Front Big Brake Kit Brembo 12.6 Gen1

Mini Cooper Front Big Brake Kit Brembo 12.6 Gen1
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The Brembo Gran Turismo Front Big Brake System with 12.6" rotors is dedicated to the most demanding MINI Cooper or MINI Cooper S owner. Designed to improve brake performance with increased stopping power, virtually eliminates brake fade, with less weight than factory setup.


2002-2006 R50 MINI Cooper and R53 Cooper S Hatchback
2005-2008 R52 MINI Cooper and Cooper S Convertible

Caliper is available in Black, Red, and Silver. Select Color.

Benefits include:
* Proven on-track performance;
* Disperses gasses, cleans pads for better “bite”;
* Reduces “unsprung weight” for better handling;
* Provides maximum braking force without the flex of sliding callipers;
* Reduces heat-related stress, increases brake performance and pedal feel;

The Front Big Brake System consists of a two-piece 320 x 28mm vented and cross-drilled racing rotor with a 4 piston high performance caliper. The 2-piece rotor system employs an aluminum hat creating a 'floating disc" which reduces heat related stress and improves brake performance and pedal feel of your MINI Cooper. Pads are street / track pads suitable for street or occasional light / moderate track duty.

The kit includes all hardware to convert the front brakes, available in black, red, or silver calipers for both the MINI Cooper and the MINI Cooper S. Brembo does not offer a rear kit, however you can get close with similar rotors and a little caliper paint!

Slotted rotors can be substituted in place of the drilled rotors. Additional track pads available upon request.

Proper 'Bed-In' procedure must be followed for proper brake performance. Minimum 17 inch aftermarket wheels with adequate caliper clearance required.

BEFORE ORDERING, check the Brembo Template for wheel fitment - add 3mm of tolerance around the caliper for actual wheel fitment.

Brake fluid should be replaced every 2 years.

For High Performance Brake Fluids, see the following:

Check out this video - Mauro Piccoli, Brembo Performance Market Director talks about Brembo's history and Roberto Malagori, Brembo Engineer also discusses the technical differences of Brembo's expansive product line from original equipment (OE) to racing.

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