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BMW Mini Cooper

Classic Mini Hydrolastic or 'Wet' Suspension Components

While the actual Hydrolastic 'Displacers' -or 'Bags' are no longer available, Mini Mania continues to supply all the service items to keep your "wet" Classic Mini Cooper on the road with it's very unique suspension design, courtesy of designer Sir Alec Issigonis dating back to the 1950s. Early Minis with the proper Hydrolastic suspension are commanding the very highest values these days, and for the foreseeable future - Originality in King!

Of course, we offer alternatives too! You'll find basic 'Wet-to-Dry' conversion packages to change to the Rubber cone springs used on all later Minis, as well as several kits to convert to proper steel coil springs with different spring rates to let you customize your Mini for your exact needs. Don't forget, expert help is always available to get you on the right path!

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This is my first classic mini. It’s a 1992 and the ride is rough which is expected but if I changed out the rubber cones should I stay with the same thing or do the spring conversion.
Thanks for asking. Without a doubt the Blue Spring conversion will make the ride much more comfortable.  Try this one:

Hope that helps - Mini Mania Tech Team