Best Racing and Performance Parts for Classic Mini Cooper 

Classic Mini Performance Parts aren’t just for racing. They help improve control, power, and even maintenance  issues. And while the list below isn’t all we carry in performance parts, they are some of the Classic Mini performance upgrades that will give your car the zip and handling you’ll appreciate.


(And not to say these upgrades aren’t going to help you on the raceway… BECAUSE THEY WILL.  These performance upgrades can mean the difference between the finishing line and second place.  So, give your Classic Mini the power advantage it needs.  Lets face it, any little advantage you can get counts.)

Classic Performance Parts From Mini Mania


Cam Shafts & Drives




Cylinder Heads

Electrical, Alternators, Distributors


Pistons, Cranks, Rods

Stage Kits

Steering Racks

Suspensions, Shocks

Tires & Wheels

Added Racing Parts
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