MINI Cooper Oil Filter Application Guide

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MINI Cooper Oil Filter Application Guide

Proper maintenance is critical to the longevity of your MINI. Always perform a regular maintenance routine! Use this Application Guide to see which filters fit your MINI.

Even with the improvements with the modern engine oils and the tighter tolerances of today's engines, the oil still gets contaminated - this is a byproduct of the internal combustion engine. When a vehicle is used under severe driving conditions, the engine oil and filter should be changed more often. Examples of severe driving conditions that affect oil change frequency include:

  • Repeated short distance driving
  • Driving in extremely cold weather
  • Driving on rough and/or muddy roads
  • Repeated trailer towing

Perform your maintenance accordingly!

MINI Coopers Are Broken Down Into Generations (Gens)

BMW MINI made three significant styling and engine changes or updates since they first launched the "new" MINI Cooper in 2001-2002. These updates are (currently) rolled out into three Generations:

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GEN1 Models - MINI Cooper / Cooper S R50, R52, R53 (2002 - 2008)

Gen1 Oil Filters
Gen1 Oil Change Kits
Gen1 Oil & Air Filter Maintenance Kits

GEN2 Models - R55, R56, R57, R58, R59, R60 and R61 (2007 - 2016)

Gen2 Oil Filters
Gen2 Oil Change Kits
Gen2 Oil & Air Filter Maintenance Kits
Gen2 Tune Up Kits

GEN3 Models - F54, F55, F56, F57 (2014-on)

Gen3 Oil Filters
Gen3 Oil Change Kits
Gen3 Tune Up Kits


Regardless of "Gen type", the MINI oil filter canister cover requires a larger socket that are typically not included in your standard socket set. If you need the socket, take a look at these:

Oil change kits and tune up kits are available for most models to simplify ordering and save some $$. Some OEM filter products may have aftermarket alternatives - search for "oil filters" and keep an eye out for "Value Line" or "Value Priced" products!

For Engine Oil, see MINI Factory engine oil.

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