Cold Air Intakes for BMW MINI Cooper and Cooper S

If you drive a MINI, and chances are you do if you’re reading this article, you know how fun they are to drive. But what if you’re looking to make it even MORE fun to drive, if you looking to improve your MINI’s performance without a huge modification.

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What Is a Cold Air Intake

Simply put, Cold Air Intakes gives your MINI a more efficient way to burn fuel.  Consider this, on average your MINI’s engine requires more than 15,000 gallons of air for every gallon of fuel.  But your standard air intake system is placed within the confines of your engine compartment which means your MINI is breathing in hot air.  Which works fine but…

…the hotter the air, the less oxygen it contains. And less oxygen means more the more your MINI has to work to get the 15,000 gallons of oxygen it needs.  So, what could be better?  Cold Air.

Since cold air is denser than warm air and holds more oxygen per cubic foot, feeding your MINI oxygen rich cold air makes it work less.  That in turn means a Cold Air Intake greatly improves performance by giving you more horsepower with a noticeable feel of added power and throttle response while at the same time maintaining the same or better fuel economy.

Installing A Cold Air Intake

Some after-market cold air intakes utilize a portion of the factory intake system and adds a section that is re-routed to a better location in the cooler air flow such as under the vehicle near the bottom of the front bumper or inside the front fender near the wheel well. Others use an entirely recreated system with as few turns and bends as possible.

And while factory air breathers and air filters are often a small, flat design which hinders air flow and creates a blockage of the intake air charge, cold air intake upgrades typically utilize a cone shaped free-breathing air filter.  These free-breathing air filters are often worth several units of horsepower in and of themselves. 


Cold air intake systems generate more power with a minimal amount of work and cost. What’s not to love?

Check out some of our top Cold Air Intake Upgrades specifically made for your MINI Cooper and Cooper S models or use our handing Cold Air Intake Application Guide to find the perfect Cold Air Intake system for your MINI.

Find a Cold Air Intake That's Right for Your MINI

The Cold Air Intake upgrade is one of the simplest performance upgrades you can do to your Mini Cooper and Cooper S.  Whether it is a simple filter replacement or a complete Intake Kit, these products are 'bolt-on' solutions with no permanent modifications to the Mini and completely reversible to stock form.

To find a Cold Air Intake that's made for you MINI check out our handy  application guide -  Mini Cooper Cold Air Intake K&N Application Guide

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