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Keeper/small Groove Collet Competition Pair , Sprite , Mg Midget , Mini

Keeper/small Groove Collet Competition Pair , Sprite , Mg Midget , Mini

Keeper/small Groove Collet Competition Pair , Sprite , Mg Midget , Mini
Selected: Single Groove (Small) Collet (Keeper), Race
Part No: 88G459EVO
Fits the following:
Classic Mini
Sprite & MG Midget
Morris Minor
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Small Valve Keeper (Collet) Pair | Mini | Sprite & Midget | Morris Minor
$6.37 Small Valve Keeper (Collet) Pair | Mini | Sprite & Midget | Morris Minor
New competition valve cotter, these are precision CNC machined from 4340 and heat treated to a better spec than EN24T and claimed to be stronger in fatigue life. This is for one pair (two halves) - 8 are needed for one A-Series head.

These are made to RACE specification as the only current type available are not adequate for performance heads or valves. We tried everything else available and decided to go one better in quality and fitment, do not take a risk--buy the best available on this part.

All the early heads used the 2A11 cotters, noted by the wide slot in the valve. Current production race quality valves and most aftermarket valves, use the 88G549 keeper with a single narrow groove. Valve stems with 3 grooves on some A-Plus heads, use CAM6795 keepers. Order the correct cotters to go with the valves you will be using. Two halves equal one cotter for one valve, order 8 for 1 complete cylinder head.
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