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MINI Cooper adapter lead for thermostat housing OEM Gen2 R55-R61

MINI Cooper adapter lead for thermostat housing OEM Gen2 R55-R61

MINI Cooper adapter lead for thermostat housing OEM Gen2 R55-R61

MINI Cooper adapter lead for thermostat housing OEM Gen2 R55-R61

MINI Cooper adapter lead for thermostat housing OEM Gen2 R55-R61

MINI Cooper adapter lead for thermostat housing OEM Gen2 R55-R61

MINI Cooper adapter lead for thermostat housing OEM Gen2 R55-R61
Selected: Adapter Lead
Part No: G2NME1140
Fits the following:
MINI (2002-Current)

'ADAPTER LEAD' MINI Factory replacement. The factory specifies replacing this item when installing a new Thermostat Housing on certain model years.  If you have any doubts on the correct part for your MINI, contact us with the last 7-digits of the VIN number.

Applies to the following models when replacing with the Thermostat Housing G2NME1125:

2011-03/2012 R56 MINI Cooper Hardtop
2011-03/2012 R55 MINI Cooper Clubman
2011-03/2012 R57 MINI Cooper Convertible
2007-03/2012 R56 JCW Cooper S Hatchback
2008-03/2012 R56 JCW Cooper S Clubman
2009-03/2012 R56 JCW Cooper S Convertible
2012-03/2012 R58 MINI Cooper Coupe
2012-03/2012 R59 MINI Cooper Roadster
2012-03/2012 R58 JCW MINI Cooper S Coupe
2012-03/2012 R59 JCW MINI Cooper S Roadster
2011-03/2012 R60 MINI Cooper Countryman
up to 03/2012 R61 MINI Cooper Paceman

NOTE:  The 'Dual Plugs' are keyed so they can only be plugged into the correct connector.

Bolts for Thermostat housing to cylinder head are torqued to 71 in-lb (INCH pounds). 

For replacement temperature sensor on the thermostat housing, see Mini Cooper Coolant Temperature Sensor Gen2

If your thermostat housing does not have a removable temperature sensor, see Mini Cooper Coolant Sensor Adapter with Harness Gen2.

For a listing of all engine Cooling System replacement parts, click here.

Replaced the thermostat housing on my daughter's 2010 Mini S, due to leaking. We are now plagued with engine codes indicating its not running warm enough. An OBD2 reader indicates its running about 65C. The car has been to 2 different shops now, to now avail, 2 different OEM housings, but can't get the engine to run warm enough. I don't know what the 2nd electrical connection (no the temp sensor)on the housing is for, but could it possibly telling the thermostat to remain open. is it possible, the computer has to be told the thermostat was replaced?
The second connection on the thermostat housing is for the heating element:
The heating resistor is fitted in the wax element of the thermostat. When the ECM applies power to the heating resistor, the wax element expands and closes the inlet from the cylinder head against the pressure of spring. The spring has the task of pressing the thermostat back into the rest position when the wax element cools down.

Mini Mania Tech Team

The MINI Cooper Parts and Accessories Experts

Does my MINI Cooper require this pigtail? The last 7 digits of the vin are TW80464
No adapter required in your application.

Happy Motoring
I have a 2011 Mini Cooper non turbo. I’m having problems finding the right thermostat housing. Hoping that you could tell me what is going on, my housing has a flat 4-pin connector on the control valve and a very small diameter temperature sensor that threads in to a small hole in the housing, and has a long lead going to a plug down lower. All of the housings that I can find have a square 2-pin connector for the control valve and a large temperature sensor that is held in with a clip. I have read about a wiring adaptor but don’t know if that is what I need or what adaptor I need any help would be appreciated.
It is very possible that the replacement thermostat housing will be different from the one on your MINI since they have updated the design on some models (some models already has the newer housing). The only way to identify the correct replacement for your MINI is by looking up the vin number in the MINI catalog. Your MINI may or may not require an adapter to connect a new thermostat housing to your existing wiring harness. If you send the last 7-digits of your MINI's vin number to [email protected], we can identify the correct replacement as listed by MINI.
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