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BMW Mini Cooper
Mini Cooper Brake Pads for Wilwood Big Brake Kit

Mini Cooper Brake Pads for Wilwood Big Brake Kit

Mini Cooper Brake Pads for Wilwood Big Brake Kit

Mini Cooper Brake Pads for Wilwood Big Brake Kit

Mini Cooper Brake Pads for Wilwood Big Brake Kit

Mini Cooper Brake Pads for Wilwood Big Brake Kit

Mini Cooper Brake Pads for Wilwood Big Brake Kit
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Replacement Front pads for the Wilwood Big Brake System NMB2041.

Fits all current MINI models (except Countryman).

Smart Pad BP-10 - Performance Street Pads

A nice upgrade from the original Poly 'Q' pads. Better performance with slightly more dust and noise.

* High performance street / strip, drag race, and track day categories using vented iron rotors.
* Light to medium braking on dirt tracks including late models, modifieds, sportsman, and street stocks.
* Disc brake conversions on street rods and muscle cars.


Heat Range: Medium
Cold Torque: Medium
Hot Torque: Medium
Wear Rate: Medium

* Medium friction compound with the low noise and low dust of a street performance compound and the increased friction characteristics of a semi-metallic race compound.
* Smooth engagement with consistent response from a flat torque curve throughout its entire effective temperature range.
* Good low to middle temperature wear rates.
* Beds quickly and provides fast response without excessive abrasion on vented iron rotors.

Poly-Matrix "Q" compound - Street Pads

These are the pads that come with the Wilwood Big Brake Kit. Operates at the lowest noise and dust level of any performance pad. Polymatrix offers high resistance to fade, long wear, and low rotor abrasion.


Heat Range: Low to Medium
Cold Torque: Medium
Hot Torque: Medium
Wear Rate: Low

* Enhanced friction ceramic formula features the lowest noise and dust properties available from a performance compound pad.
* Improved friction over OE replacement pad compounds with smooth engagement, long service life, increased fade resistance, and quick recovery time.

Poly-Matrix 'B' Compound - Track/ Racing Pads.

Race ONLY compound used in ARCA, ASA, ALMS, Grand-AM, NASCAR, REMAX, SCCA, USAC, and other severe duty oval, road course, and off-road series that require an aggressive response and durability in the highest temperature ranges.

Lightweight sprints and club sport racers using steel plate rotors that require fast response at low temperatures with resistance to fade during periodic or temporary high temperature spikes.


Heat Range: Medium to Very-High
Cold Torque: Medium-High
Hot Torque: High
Wear Rate: Low

* Medium-high friction compound with good cold response and a gently rising friction curve as temperature increases.
* Smooth, predictable engagement with excellent control over a wide range of applications.
* Long wearing pad in the middle temperature ranges with moderate wear in sustained high heat conditions.
* Easily bedded without abrasion on new iron or steel rotors.

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For the Wilwood Rear Pad replacements, see NMB2080-P.

For Wilwood Big Brake Kit replacement rotors, see NMB2047-P.

For Wilwood Big Brake Caliper replacement Pistons, see NMB2071.

For Wilwood Big Brake Caliper rebuild kit, see NMB2070.

For Wilwood Big Brake Kit, see NMB2041.

Brake fluid should be replaced every 2 years, more often if you track your MINI.

For replacement Brake Fluid, see Mini Cooper Brake Fluid Pentosin DOT4.

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