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I am trying to order a pair of locking fuel caps for a '67 Mini. The fuel neck is 2.25" and I already have a pair of of the 2.25" Monza style covers. Which fuel cap will fit inside the monza style cover and what else do I need to seal it. Thanks
We think the WLD100660 pock cap will fit, but no guarantees. The Moza03 was the correct kit the Monza, but is no longer available. Other than the brass ring, that should be all you need.

Hope that helps.

FOLLOW UP QUESTION:  Yeah I ordered WLD100660 and it was too large to fit.   And is there a kit with the locking cap for 2.25" filler neck? Or are these monza style caps just completely open?

FOLLOW UP ANSWER:  Thought that might be the case, not sure what to recommend.  But to your second question - This kit is all we offer now that will have a locking cap.  https://www.minimania.com/part/SP227/Classic-Austin-Mini-Chrome-Aston-Looking-Gas-Cap-Pre-1996