Women and the Mini - Mini Mania Inc.Hello,
My name is Ashley Poeppel, and my car's name is Zippy. He is a 2005 Cooper hatchback, automatic. We live in Monroe, WA. Here is my little story about finding Zippy:
For the past ten years at least, I have been obsessing over MINI's. Anytime I saw one on the road I would scream out "MINI!!!", giving the other person in the car quite a scare. I have family from England so I've considered the MINI as part of my heritage-plus they are downright adorable! For years I had to deal with driving lesser cars; from a Nissan Pathfinder, to a Ford Explorer, to a Kia Rio. But NEVER a MINI. "You would die if one of those sardine cans got hit", my parents would tell me. "Just you wait", I replied, "One day I will own a MINI".
That day came in December 2010. I had always looked for fun at MINI's for sale online, but upon landing a decent job finally I started seriously searching. It didn't take more than two pages of Craigslist postings until I found him. When I laid my eyes on that Hyper Blue MINI with wing decals along the sides, I knew it had to be mine. THIS was THE MINI for me, no questions asked. He was in my price range and had few miles. A tear welled up in my eye, and I emailed the dealership that I was very interested in this car. The next day I received a phone call, and after a week of haggling over APR rates over the phone, it was time to drive up north to look at him. Going into it, I was 90% sure I would be purchasing so I started thinking about names. I landed on Zippy, and decided I would try it out on the test drive. When I saw Zippy for the first time, my heart leaped with joy. This was MY car from the turn of the ignition. And the rest is history....Women and the Mini - Mini Mania Inc.
Zippy came equipped with wing decals along the sides, making him quite unique. I have since added a few stickers, purchased chrome "MINI COOPER" license plate frames, and got "MINI-ME" personalized plates. Our next modification will be his wheels.
We are part of the Puget Sound MINI Motoring Club and are all signed up for some upcoming events.
Thank you for listening to my story about Zippy!