Joys of owning a MINI Cooper

Women and the Mini - Mini Mania Inc.
Im Barb, and this is Emma my Mini.
Lost and found on a pavement ends road in the middle of some midwest state driving from Arizona to Northern Minnesota after driving from Northern California to Arizona.
As a Teacher with a Mini, my vacations are on the road with friends.  
This was the best, and just before my speeding ticket in Nebraska!  Worth every penny to be Lost (and found) in my Mini.
  • Cold air Intake
  •  twins baseball mickey house antenna ball
  • license plate holder
  • seat covers
  • chrome accents
  • white side repeaters
  • white tail light and side stickers of places I visit, SB, SF, BZB, SV, SP, ELY.  (All bought from MiniMania except for Twins and stickers.)
I haven't joined a club or done any events but I always wave even with food in my hands!!
 Barb & Emma
Sierra Vista, AZ