MINI Cooper Oil Service Interval Reset for MINI R50, R52, R53

For the following models:
2002-2006 R50 Hatchback/Hardtop
MINI Cooper (Non-S)
2002-2006 R53 Hatchback/Hardtop
MINI Cooper (S)
2005-2008 R52 Convertible
MINI Cooper (Non-S & S)

To Reset Service Indicators such as the Oil Service Interval, perform the following steps:

1) Press and hold the Trip Button
2) Insert key and turn to position 1
3) Watch for RESET to appear
4) Release the Trip Button, then press & hold it again
5) Wait for the RESET to flash
6) Release the Trip Button, and then press & release (once only)
7) Service interval should then be reset to next interval


If that didn't work, try this:

1) Push the Trip Button
2) Turn ignition key to position 1 and 51A will appear to left of mileage
3) Release Trip Button
4) Wait 3 seconds
5) Push Trip Button
6) Wait (5-8 seconds) for RST to appear in left corner
7) Release Trip Button
8) Push Trip Button
9) 15000 will appear as new service interval
10) Release Trip Button


Or this:

1) Press and hold the Trip Odometer Button.
2) Insert car key and turn it to the first position (not the second position).
3) You will see 51A come up in the trip odometer area.
4) Release, then press and hold again.
5) Watch for the word “RST” to appear on the Odometer indicator.
6) Release, then press and hold again.
7) Wait for the “RST” message to flash.
8) Release, and then press & release (once only).


MINI Cooper Oil Service Interval Reset for:
2008+ R55  Clubman
MINI Cooper
2007+ R56 Hatchback/Hardtop
MINI Cooper
2009+ R57 Convertible
MINI Cooper

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