When I was seventeen my parents bought me a 1980, Limited Edition MGB
convertible. And I loved it more than I loved Bjorn Borg... Which was a lot.
Trust me! The plan was to love it forever... However, two years later, and
only three short months after my dad went to the considerable trouble
to ship my MGB all the way from Monterey, California to Virginia
where I moved after getting married, some despicable inhuman
being stole it! You can read all about that experience here.

  The MGB wasn't my first convertible though... Here I am with mom at eight months
old in my first convertible. Yup! I blame my need to feel the wind in my hair on my
parents! And, what about that super-safe infant car seat!? Airbags? What airbags!

I have been looking to replace the convertible stolen from me for 25 years now...
And this week... I did!

I'm a Cooper, it's a Cooper. It's a no-brainer!

It's also my first not-white vehicle in 17 years! I've owned two Jeeps, One Isuzu
Trooper LS, a Land Rover Disco and now an Expedition, and all of them are
white. I've been shopping for a white Mini Cooper - But when I found this
one, which has everything on my long list of must-have's, I decided
color was something I could compromise. Besides, I kept my
Expedition, so there's still a white truck in the driveway!

Why did I keep the Expedition?
Because I'm a Costco shopper, while my Cooper is more of a sample-size shopper!
By the way... If you're in the market for a Mini Cooper to call your own, I am
happy to recommend my sales advisor, Stephen Lane at Hendrick MINI in
Charlotte, North Carolina. Stephen is a Mini Cooper fanatic who is on his
third Mini Cooper and he's barely out of college! Driving with Stephen
was an education, and after his sales manager agreed to my low offer,
Stephen went out of his way to fill my new Mini with lots of goodies!

While I wrote the check and finished up with the paperwork guy, the man I love was
busy in the dealership gift shop... Because he left this for me to find in the trunk!

I'm still not sure how this pod is a key but I'm just going to go with it!

Big thanks to Stephen Lane at Hendrick Mini.
Thanks to you, I'm back in a convertible I truly love...
And, thanks to the 6-speed turbo, I'm back to having passengers
sitting next to me that sound like they're riding a horse... Whoa!