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What is VTEC?

Actually it is VTEC which stands for (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control). What it is though, is a system developed by Honda Motors to improve the volumetric efficiency of a four-stroke internal combustion engine. In other words, improve the economy of the car’s engine.

However, there are other benefits to a Vtec that Austin Mini owners love even more than fuel efficiency and that’s POWER.  Honda’s VTEC engines seem to be made for Classic Minis.

Reasons to Install a Vtec Engine

  1. 1. It’s more powerful than the venerable A-series Classic Mini Engine.
2. It’s more reliable than a rebuilt Classic Mini Engine.
3. It’s more powerful.
4. It’s more efficient.
5. And yes, it’s more powerful.

In fact, Car & Driver Magazine states: "The VTEC engine for a Mini Cooper is one of the fastest, and, um, furious-est, drives south of a Z06. Just look at the numbers from the one we tested-1792 pounds and a claimed 220 horsepower. The Honda engine was originally for the Acura Integra Type R and was rated for 195 horsepower."


Our Most Popular Vtec Kit?



All Things Vtec

Check out our Vtec Part Page for kits, hoses, subframes, etc.  Everything you need to Vtec out Your Classic Mini.


Installing a Vtec Engine in Your Austin Mini Cooper

First, start with this article, "Installing a VTEC in a Classic Mini". It will thoroughly walk you through the steps you’ll need to take.

Drive a Right Hand Drive (RHD) Mini?
No, worries. We got you covered with our Classic Mini Right Hand Drive Steering Modification For VTEC Conversion Kit.  This isn't a kit to change your Mini Cooper to Left Hand Drive, but to enable you to install a VTEC Engine in your Right Hand Drive Mini.


And For Fun.... 

Watch this video, "Watch my Classic Vtec Mini Beat a Camero SS", to see the power of a Vtec.  P.S. Fast forward to 2:00 so that you can get right to the part where the driver pulls up to the line. Worth watching.

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