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Classic Mini VTEC Conversion Kit Upgrades

If you've ever wonder what it would be like to power up your Classic Mini with a Honda VTEC Conversion, perhaps now's the time to stop wondering and do instead!  We offer everything you need to get your VTEC conversion going from a starter kit to complete kit with engine, including our most popular VTEC engine package.

Have any questions? Visit our VTEC FAQs for Classic Mini Engine Swap page or call us at 800-946-2642 and let's get you set up with the VTEC for your Classic Mini!

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I have a 1985 Classic Mini and my engine just gave up. I have a B16 ready to put in but I do not have the sub frame and the components that goes with it. What subframe and components do I get?

This is the kit I would recommend. https://www.minimania.com/part/MT531000/Vtec-Conversion-Package-For-Mtb2-Upgrade
We also offer the ultimate kit, all depends on how much work you are willing to do and your budget.

Do you sell a complete all-wheel drive kit with engine, brakes, suspension? Everything needed, and do comply for road use in Australia?

We sell engine packages frequently. These kits are about as complete as they can be for the conversion parts, but there are still several systems you will need to fabricate on your own to complete the job - exhaust, fuel, ect - we estimate about 100 hours required of fabrication.

As for the rear subframe, kits to allow for swapping in an AWD drivetrain - they are just the subframe. You will need to source the driveshaft (likely custom), rear brakes knuckles, differential, ect. We list the parts required and how to find them HERE.

We do not have information on the legality of such modifications, it's best to check with your local government to determine that. 

Mini Mania Tech Team

The Classic Mini Parts and Accessories Experts

Hey there Nice web site Will a full kit vtec b Series fit for a 1,8 vti 169kh engine becorse this engine is a bit higher than 1,6 And Will the intakte manifold fit, Will the wire and control fit?
the b18 will work in place - the manifold needs to be modified to work. It will not clear the firewall. There are some  custom performance manifolds but the ways I have seen it does is cutting down the manifold and using the 45 degree elbows to tilt the manifold up.

Hope that helps,

Mini Mania Tech Team