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Transmission Rebuilt 1275 Ribcase, Morris Minor

Transmission Rebuilt 1275 Ribcase, Morris Minor

Transmission Rebuilt 1275 Ribcase, Morris Minor
Part No: RJM1109E-MM
This Item has a $350.00 core charge.
Fits the following:
Morris Minor

This ribcase transmission comes with a modified front cover and an upgraded seal.

NOTE: If exchanging smoothcase to a ribcase, the shift lever is different.  You want the shifter for the ribcase gearbox, U-22A492.
(Remember: it runs straight SAE 30 weight motor oil for lubrication- not gear oil)

The ribcase gearbox is the strongest of boxes for the Sprite, Midget and Morris Minors application and can be one of the most dependable parts of your car. These boxes use real bearings in all the critical places (in contrast to the 'smooth case' box that uses simply bushes).

The ribcase is a direct replacement for the smooth case of old and will provide a much improved gear ratio set. The first gear is taller and thus much more comfortable and usable to drive.

And stop believing that every ribcase will pop out of second gear! We believe the reputation of the gearbox has been severely hurt by rebuilders that don't know how to do it right!

All of our gearboxes are built in house! We even disassemble those we might buy as rebuilt from the UK and FIX them right! They are Guaranteed to be good and we promise, THEY WILL NOT POP OUT OF SECOND GEAR!

These are sold with a core charge to ensure our supply of ribcases to rebuild. You might also consider our rebuilding service if you have the time. The standard service requires that you send us your gearbox (easily shipped by UPS), we do a complete inspection and provide a quote for rebuilding it.

Returned Core must be Ribcase to qualify.

Need Your Spridget Ribcase Transmission Rebuilt?

Also Purchased with: RJM1109E-MM