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Rotor arm for GDC142 cap only. Not to be used with standard 45D distributor caps.

Austin Mini Rotor Arm For Gdc142 Side Entry Dist Cap 45d

Austin Mini Rotor Arm For Gdc142 Side Entry Dist Cap 45d

Austin Mini Rotor Arm For Gdc142 Side Entry Dist Cap 45d
Selected: Rotor For Side Entry 45D Distributor Cap
Part No: GRA2128
This item is not available.
Fits the following:
Classic Mini
Sprite & MG Midget
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This is the replacement cap for the PSD5 and PSD10 electronic distributors by Powerspark.
This is the replacement Powermax Red Rotor arm for the Powerspark PSD5 and PSD10 distributors.
Mini Rotor Arm, fits all Lucas Distributors post 1974 up until the introduction of Electronic (1992)
Finally a heavy duty red epoxy ignition rotor for the Lucas distributor DM2 , 22D4 , 23D , nad 25D . With todays high energy ignitions a heavy duty rotor is needed that will not ground through.
If you have a red distributor cap (GDC214) its likely that you have a Ducellier distributor and this is the rotor arm for it. Contact set is GCS2119 and the condenser is GSC2113
Side entry distributor cap, as original. This cap fits all early cars with 23D/25D type distributors as found on the MK1/II Minis, all Morris Minor and early Sprites and Midgets. No tune up or trouble shooting is complete without replacing the distributor cap. Keep a spare in your car and on the shelf.
Top-entry cap takes plug-in wires and will interchange with DC1. The DC6 is much less prone to wet-weather problems.

This cap fits the early Minis that have a Pre A+ engine and use the Lucas 25D Distributor. Study the Technical information below to confirm exactly what you have, as many early models have been updated with later engines.

This rotor arm fits all A series electronic distributors when points are not fitted except for turbo --the distributor cap for this rotor arm is GDC156
For best performance the rotor should be replaced as often as the distributor cap. This rotor fits 23 & 25d4 distributors.
This was the first mini distributor cap to have screws hold the cap to the body from about 1990 on where electonic ignition was introduced ,therefore there are  no points or condenser but the rotor arm to use is GRA2143.Fits all 1992 onwards injection cars up until 1997. 
You cannot miss this red cap but it was only fitted to Ducellier type distributors.
Top entry cap fits only later (post '74), Aldon distributors, and all A-Plus dist. w/points.
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