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Classic Mini Cooper Wheels & Rims

Find the wheels you need to fit your MINI only At Mini Mania!

We carry a large selection of the most popular Classic Mini rims, from Classic Mini Cooper Wheels 10" Rims , 12" Rims and 13" Rim wheels to today top rated rims for new MINI Coopers (2002 to present.) We also carry a large inventory for mini wheels and tire accessories including hub caps , lug nuts, wheel studs and more.

Go with the experts when it comes to your Classic Mini Cooper Wheels / Rims.

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Hi, Do you have a set of Mini lite style wheels that will fit a 1969 Austin America. I am interested in 12 x 5 wheels. the bolt pattern is 4 x 114,3. I would use another size if it fits better. I am concerned with the back spacing and offset. I do not want the wheels to stick out far past the outside of the fenders. I can send pictures of the brake hubs and take any measurements that you recommend. thank you
The wheels for the classic Mini are 4x4 patterned. Most of our wheels list offset. There are tools to measure required offset, but you can use a ruler/straight edge - most of our wheel listings show the offset number.
Hope this helps, Mini Mania