Ricks VTEC Mini - Mini Mania   
Here our some shots of our Vtec Mini.
We used a Honda civic car for parts.
Steering colum; wire loom, complete wire loom from the tail lights to Ricks VTEC Mini - Mini Maniahead lights, stock Honda gouges trimmed with walnut, like dash. Used bun out of gas tank installed into stock mini tank used stock fuel pump and sender out of Honda (works great) and we used the stock Honda throttle pedal assembly and cables. 
The motor is a HMO B16 190 hp. Changed out the transmission to a Acura LS tranny with positrack. The 426 gears work alot better then the 440 gears.
Next I will install A/C, the mini also set up for cruise control. Too much fun to drive, it already has 1500 miles on it! It will be my every day driver.
Thanks for all your help will see you soon!!   
- Rick
Ricks VTEC Mini - Mini ManiaRicks VTEC Mini - Mini Mania