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BMW Mini Cooper
1275cc Rebuilt Engine For Sprite, Midget & Morris Minor

1275cc Rebuilt Engine For Sprite, Midget & Morris Minor

1275cc Rebuilt Engine For Sprite, Midget & Morris Minor
Internet Price $4995.00
Internet Price $4995.00
This Item has a $500.00 core charge.
If you've been wanting to upgrade to a 1275 or your existing 1275 is just plain tired, you'll be interested in this! Our rebuilt 1275 long-block engines are complete from sump to valve cover and are rebuilt with all new or reconditioned parts including rocker assembly, pistons, oil pump, water pump, crank pulley, timing chain, reground crank and cam & new lifters. All cylinder heads have been set-up for unleaded gas! 12 Months or 12,000 mile warranty! Good as gold! If you are upgrading from a 948cc or 1098cc you will need additional components such as rear engine plate, flywheel and clutch and carburetion.
Hi, I have a 1966 Sprite with a very tired 1098. Last year after 2nd gear failed I purchased a rebuilt ribcase transmission from you. I am finally getting time to reassemble and I have decided it would be a mistake to not rebuild or replace the engine. New engine parts on the car that I plan on using with the new engine: Webber downdraft ManiFlow LCB header and full exhaust Distributor with Pertonix Alternator in a generator case The questions that I are: 1. I notice the 1275 High Performance includes a back plate, if I purchased one of the other engines how much would a back plate cost? 2. Do you have jetting recommendations for the Webber downdraft with each of these motors? Thank
We can certainly build an engine for you with the upgrades you listed.  I can get a quote if you need one.
We do offer used back plates  U-AEG552  .
Give me a call and we can go into details.
Mini Mania Tech Support
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