Curious about what goes into a Classic Mini VTEC Conversion?

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This video series was created by our YouTube partner, Steveston Motor Company and gives you a glimpse and all that goes into this detailed and very technical build.  Check out the links below for the entire video series.

This video series on Building a VTEC Mini was a “fun” project Steveston Motor Co. undertook for their own pleasure. They do not want to convey that this is their usual high standard for quality work nor that was in intended to be a “How To” video. It was merely a series intended to entertain and bring a smile.

VTEC Mini Episode 1 - The Plan

VTEC Mini Episode 2 - Teardown

VTEC Mini Episode 3 - We will rebuild

VTEC Mini Episode 4 - The Test Fit

VTEC Mini Episode 5 - Help from K2 Motorworks

VTEC Mini Episode 6 - We Have B18

VTEC Mini Episode 7 - Skunk2 issues and a new dash

VTEC Mini Episode 8 - ARCHES

VTEC Mini Episode 9 - The REVEAL

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