How To: Removing sliding glass windows in a Mini Cooper
Created: September 22, 2010
Dig along the the bottom of the sliding window channel and you will find two or three phillips head screws. Get them out however you can and this is sometimes difficult because the original screws are steel and they rust.
Badges And Emblems
Classic Mini Badges & Decals
Created: August 28, 2019
Shop Classic Mini Emblems and Mini Cooper Badges for your Classic Mini. From aftermarket badges to OEM factory emblems, replacement car badges, Classic Mini decals and Mini Cooper emblem replacement, hood emblem stickers, Mini bonnet badge stickers, and Mini Cooper grill badges.
Exterior Accessories and Parts for Classic Mini
Created: August 29, 2019
Shop Classic Mini mirrors (door mirrors , tex mirror heads and torpedo heads), classic mini body parts and body kits , parts for your boot (boot lid seal, hinges, boot panels or window parts (window seals, rear side windows, weather stripping , channels, moulding kits) or panels and flares for your bumper , fender flares, front panel replacements, roof panels)
Exterior Trim and Accessories
Created: July 31, 2018
Make Your Classic Beautiful with our wide selection of Exterior Trim and accessories.
Body Parts and Hardware
Created: July 31, 2018
Locks, Latches, Hardware, Trim, Grilles, Bumpers, Mirrors and more.
Body Panels and Sheet Metal at Mini Mania!
Created: March 09, 2017
Browse our selection of sheet metal parts for your classic Austin mini. Now at our new everyday LOW price!
Heritage Body Shell kicks off early for Mini 50
Created: January 07, 2009
With the iconic Mini due to celebrate its 50th birthday in August 2009, British Motor Heritage has already planned its first batch of Mini bodyshells in 2009, which will be built in February, for delivery in March
Created: September 10, 2003
You'll have the snazziest Mini on the block after following these simple instructions to apply your Union Jack roof decal.
Fog Lights and Driving Lights for Classic Mini and BMW MINI
Created: March 08, 2017
VIDEO: Fog Lights and Driving Lights for Classic Mini and BMW MINI
PIAA Lights Frequently Asked Questions-MINI Cooper
Created: January 12, 2007
PIAA Lights Frquently Asked Questions-MINI Cooper FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Are these legal? PIAA lamps are intended for use solely as auxiliary lighting. Lighting laws vary from state to state. PIAA makes no representation or warranty, either expressed or implied, as to the legality of its products for street use on any vehi...
Roof And Bike Racks
Classic Mini Roof Racks and Towing
Created: December 12, 2013
While the classic Mini is remarkable in it's interior space it is not our of the ordinary to need or want that just little bit more. When you want a roof rack or a trailer hitch Mini Mania will be there for you.
How-To Install a Windscreen Windshield on a Classic Mini
Created: September 06, 2016
VIDEO: How-To Install a Windscreen Windshield on a Classic Mini
Created: December 20, 2011
Fit seal, squirt loads of silicone spray around it, place glass in seal on scuttle, then with a blunt screw driver ease it in.
Wipers Accessories and Parts for Classic Mini
Created: August 28, 2019
Looking for the very best selection of Wipe Blades Accessories and Parts including Classic Mini Wiper Motors and Classic Mini Wiper Switches for your Classic Mini? Shop Classic Mini wiper motor upgrade, wiper switch, windscreen wipers, windscreen wipers for glasses, Lucas 2 speed wiper switch, wiper blades Lucas dr3a wiper motor, wiper motor kit, Wiper arm pulley.