Created: July 30, 2013
Below you will find a list of service shops that may be able to service your Mini. If you have a shop and you would like to be added to this list please email us here. Please include your shop name, address, phone number and website if applicable.
Created: April 29, 2013
2014 Classic Mini Calendar Contest Entries The entry period has ended and the voting period has arrived! Vote for your favorite submissions on Facebook here. Norm N. - 1964 Mini Cooper Sport Sedan Jesse N. - 1973 Mini Cooper Sport Sedan Arnold V. - 1986 Mi...
Created: March 07, 2013
The Evolution of reasons for why I now own and love my Mini Cooper. There are some who study Evolutionary psychology who believe we have peaked. Physically we are growing, but mentally we haven’t evolved much at all. Technology is still growing however, and nothing is more evident in technology than the evolution of the driving experience.
Trials and Tribulations of Right Hand Drive
Created: January 09, 2013
I get some very strange and often frightened looks from passengers and drivers in other vehicles that pull up on my left side at intersections. Their mouths drop when they see my dog sitting in what they think is the driver’s seat. Likewise they show a lot of concern when they see my wife sitting there reading a newspaper or book.
Created: December 20, 2012
The Minis comfortable on smooth roads and a lot of fun on the country twisty roads. The six speed transmission is necessary in my opinion with the 1.6 liter with supercharger. My car has a chassis tensioner, which makes a good bump a little more harsh but I like the stability in the corners.
Created: November 16, 2012
My friend and business partner of more than 10 years knows me well. He asked if we could fire it up and drive it right then, since he also knows I would be taking it apart within minutes. I lied and said “Yes, but let me figure out how to charge up the Hydrolastic suspension so it won’t be ridin...
Snarkey - Chapter Three
Created: November 16, 2012
Restoration of a Classic Mini Cooper continues in this Chapter 3 of the story. Earlier this month was Election Day 2012 and it was a nail biter. The day before was historic too but for different reasons. It was the day I tack welded a panel in place on Snarkey’s shell, the first salvo in the direction of reconstruction, rather than de-construction. I could barely sleep last...
Created: November 12, 2012
The walk downstairs at the Rigby household steadily reveals the effect Alec Issigonis has had on our family. The toy cars and posters adorning the upper level could be mistaken for poor attempts at quirky decoration, but then the steps reveal the oil-slicked iceberg hiding beneath that innocuous ti
Created: November 08, 2012
My Mini journey began around 2000. Before then, my automotive focus was American muscle of the 60s. If it wasn't a v-8, my attention was soon lost. Thankfully Mr.Bean re-runs filled a five by ten foot void I did not know existed. It was a new bigger world that came in the form of a much smaller pac...
Name Your MINI Contest Winner Announced
Created: October 25, 2012
In the beginning of October, we invited you to submit a photo and name your beloved MINI. The response has been overwhelming! We have viewed your submissions and have chosen a winner along with a few honorable mentions. And the winner is... Mr. Ernie Winterbottom II Esquire and a few honorab...