How You Can Help Those Affected by the Deadliest Fire in CA History

The devastating Camp Fire in Northern California has impacted countless people. Tragically, 85 lives have been lost, 249 people are missing, 14,000 homes have been destroyed and more than 150,000 acres have been burned. Firefighters have bravely fought the blaze down to 100% containment but the heartache and wreckage remains. Mini Mania and the American Red Cross would like to give you the opportunity to help.

If you’d like to make a difference, please choose an option below and donate to the American Red Cross to help those affected by the California wildfires. As the residents of Butte County, CA begin to heal and rebuild their lives and communities, any amount can help.
Thank you for your support.

Ways to Donate to the American Red Cross



Akers, Bill
Akers, Terri
Alves, Katheryn, 90 -Paradise
Ash, Mary Jane
Bailey, Brad -Magalia
Bailey, Doris, 85 -Magalia
Bailey, Pam -Magalia
Bailey, Ken Paradise
Baker, Paul 50's Chico
Baker, Terry, 70? -Paradise
Baker, Harriett Oroville 25-Nov
Baker, Terry, 70's
Baldridge, Michael "Mike", 61
Balthar, Michael -Paradise 25-Nov
Balthar, Pamela Paradise 25-Nov
Banks, Darla 25-Nov
Banks, Wayne 25-Nov
Barlow, Pete, Magalia 24-Nov
Barnett, Linda Paradise 24-Nov
Barnett, Todd, Paradise 24-Nov
Barrow, Phil -Paradise 24-Nov
Bell, Jessica, 68 24-Nov
Binstock, Julian, 88 -Paradise
Bishop, Kermit Laurence "Larry", 73-74 Paradise
Bitten, Paul, 91 24-Nov
Blackfoot, Christie, 56 Magalia 24-Nov
Blair, Joshua Sterling City 25-Nov
Board Nancy -Magalia 24-Nov
Bolin, Marvin 24-Nov
Bommarito, Joe 73 Paradise
Bone, Richard Concow 25-Nov
Bouk, Diana Paradise 25-Nov
Boulant, Jacob, 20 Paradise
Boynton, Michael -Paradise
Brandt, Elanor, Paradise
Brandt, Reynold -Paradise
Brennan, Shirley 24-Nov
Brewmeister, Matthew -Paradise 25-Nov
Brewster, Jackie -Paradise 25-Nov
Brindlet, Larry Paradise 25-Nov
Broderick-Bohen, Shellum 24-Nov
Bronk, Dustin 40 Concow
Brown, Donald 25-Nov
Browning, Paul, 61 Paradise
Burger, Bill Paradise 24-Nov
Burkart James Allen -Paradise
Burns, Wanda Magalia 24-Nov
Calfoot, Carlos, Magalia 25-Nov
Campanale, Robert, 73 Paradise 25-Nov
Campbell, James 24-Nov
Caputi, Monika, 48 -Paradise 25-Nov
Carter, Roberta, 70 -Paradise
Casilla, John Paradise 25-Nov
Caze, Laverne, Paradise 25-Nov
Chambers-Bell, Alyssa Concow 25-Nov
Chase, Samuel 24-Nov
Chew, Christopher 25-Nov
Chiavola, Patty -Paradise
Chiavola, Robert -Paradise
Chinn, Karen, 60/61 Paradise 24-Nov
Chubb, Paul, 75 -Paradise
Chubb, Peggy Paradise
Ciechanski, Lloyd, 60's Paradise 25-Nov
Clark, Bob, 65 25-Nov
Clayton, Harriett, 80 Paradise 24-Nov
Cloyz, Alexander, 25-Nov
Cody, Florence Paradise 25-Nov
Colandres, Gary -Paradise 24-Nov
Coleman, Lloyd, 87 Paradise 25-Nov
Comeau, Kimberly "Kim" -Paradise
Cook, Harold D. Magalia 24-Nov
Cook, Billy 25-Nov
Coole, Barbara, 78 Paradise 25-Nov
Cordell, Jeff
Cornell, Patt, 80 -Paradise
Coronado, Jennifer, Paradise 25-Nov
Cottingham, Richard Paradise 25-Nov
Coughbourn-Gowern Sandy
Couley, Marilyn -Paradise 25-Nov
Cousin, Unk FN -Paradise 25-Nov
Credier, Deidra Paradise 24-Nov
Cupp, Samuel -Paradise 24-Nov
Curtis, Carl, 80's -Paradise
Daeschner Roger -Paradise
Dalton, Roseann, 63 -Paradise 25-Nov
David, Earl, 70's -Paradise
David, Jannie Carol, 71 -Paradise
Davidson, Shonnie, 84/85 -Paradise 25-Nov
Davis, Bert, 88 Paradise 24-Nov
Dawson, Janet, -Paradise
Day, Kelly 50
Dean, James Paradise
Dean, Jane Paradise
Deminew, John Paradise 25-Nov
Derego, Robert -Paradise 25-Nov
Detoff, Mary 25-Nov
Devon, Shannon 25-Nov
Dickman, Derek, 35 Magalia 24-Nov
Diehl, Lorraine Helen, 94
Dillingham, Jacqueline, 82 Paradise 24-Nov
Dodge, Ramsey 24-Nov
Doherty, Steven Paradise 25-Nov
Doro, Ann, 96 -Paradise 25-Nov
Douchette, Cecelia, Magalia
Dover, Betty, 70 -Paradise
Dover, Tony, 70 -Paradise
Dozer, Betty
Dozer, Tony
Dragsath, Phyllis, 75 Paradise 25-Nov
Dragsath, Richard, 78 25-Nov
Dunn, Clydean "Dean", 74 -Paradise
Eckland, Daniel, 71 Paradise 25-Nov
Edgeworth, Clark Paradise 24-Nov
Eoyck, Robert 25-Nov
Erickson, Jodi -Paradise 25-Nov
Escalera, Dorothy, 90 Paradise
Etter, Dana Paradise
Etter, Larry Paradise
Fabila-Martinez, Sara, 51 -Paradise 25-Nov
Faulk, Ray
Fawrup, Eloise
Felitz, Joel -Paradise 25-Nov
Ferdoso, Eric, 50 Paradise 25-Nov
Fitzgibbon, Marcia Paradise
Flick, Fred
Flick, Mary
Florian, John, 69 -Paradise
Forbush, Ralph Paradise 24-Nov
Forbush, Burt 65 25-Nov
Forbush, Ellen 72 25-Nov
Forney Maxine 82 -Paradise
Forney Phillip G. "Phil", 86 -Paradise
Forral, Patrick -Paradise 25-Nov
Forrest, Rea, 85 Paradise 25-Nov
Forsman, Jean 83 Magalia 25-Nov
Freer, Kellie, 30's 24-Nov
Fritts, Gloria 83 Magalia
Fritts, Robert 64 Magalia
Gagnier, Beverly Paradise 24-Nov
Garfield, Ed 98 Magalia 25-Nov
Garrett, Richard -Concow
Gestra, Andrea -Magalia 25-Nov
Gestra, Claudia -Magalia 25-Nov
Gibson, Laura, 59 -Magalia 25-Nov
Gleeson, Linda 25-Nov
Gleeson, Renee 25-Nov
Golter, Tammy Paradise 24-Nov
Goreman, Nina, 60's Paradise 24-Nov
Goulridge William 70's -Magalia 25-Nov
Gramps, Donna, 72 Paradise 25-Nov
Grayson, Betty
Grazulas, Joe, 98 Paradise 25-Nov
Green, Jack -Paradise 25-Nov
Gregoire, Mario 25-Nov
Guardian, James -Paradise 25-Nov
Guardian, Tim -Paradise 25-Nov
Guilford, David Chico 25-Nov
Hall, David "Dave", Paradise
Halsey, Charles -Paradise 25-Nov
Harley, Ford 25-Nov
Harley, Brian 40's Paradise
Harrison, Mirella, 56 -Paradise 25-Nov
Hart, Linda -Paradise 25-Nov
Hart, Lily Paradise 25-Nov
Hartless, Bill
Have, Thomas -Paradise 25-Nov
Havey, Patricia -Paradise 25-Nov
Hayes, Betty -Paradise 25-Nov
Heff, Michelle, 119 25-Nov
Heidinger, Lloyd Dale, 70's Magalia 24-Nov
Henderson, Kendra Magalia 25-Nov
Henderson, Rosemary Magalia 25-Nov
Henriques, John Paradise 24-Nov
Henriques, Susan Paradise 24-Nov
Henry, John Clear Lake 24-Nov
Hepburn, Maddy F. -Paradise 24-Nov
Herrera, Brenda "Lee" 25-Nov
Herreron, Christina, 50 -Paradise 25-Nov
Hidinger, Lloyd Magalia 25-Nov
Hill, Carol, 70 -Paradise
Hill, Melissa, 60's Concow 25-Nov
Hill, Rena Paradise
Hilton, Dickey -Paradise 25-Nov
Hilton, James -Paradise 25-Nov
Hodges, Nancy Chico 24-Nov
Hofer, Lapedes -Paradise 25-Nov
Hollings, Harry, 84 Paradise 25-Nov
Hollings, Norene Paradise 25-Nov
Homes, Carol -Paradise 25-Nov
Hopper, Clara, 80's Magalia
Horn, Willis Magalia 25-Nov
Horre, Nanette Paradise 25-Nov
Hovey, Ann, 80's Paradise 25-Nov
Hovey, Megan, 50's Paradise 25-Nov
Hoyle, Bryan
Hoyle, Kathy
Hudson, Ron Paradise 25-Nov
Huerta, Henry 25-Nov
Hull, Jacob -Magalia 25-Nov
Hunsinger, Jan Paradise 25-Nov
Isom, James Magalia 25-Nov
Jacobson, Miriam -Paradise 25-Nov
Jacobson, Paul -Paradise 25-Nov
Jaderquist, Malcolm, 71 Paradise 25-Nov
Janette, Valerie Paradise 24-Nov
Jarred, Carole
Jenest, Marlyne, 66 Paradise 25-Nov
Jewel, Patricia 24-Nov
Jewel-Bemoski, Julie, 70 -Paradise 24-Nov
Jewett, John, 70 Concow 25-Nov
Jikrson, Rick 25-Nov
Jindurian, Jinanusch, -Paradise 25-Nov
Johnson, Stephen "Steve", 67 -Magalia 24-Nov
Johnson, Trisha, 72 -Paradise 25-Nov
Johnston, Karl, Magalia 24-Nov
Johnston, Lynne, Magalia 24-Nov
Jule, Julie, -Paradise 25-Nov
Kanning, Luther, 98 -Paradise
Karkoski, Daniel Magalia 25-Nov
Karkoski, Melinda Magalia 25-Nov
Kay, Helena, 65 -Paradise 25-Nov
Kazar, Stacey -Paradise 25-Nov
Kelley, Shirley, 50 -Paradise 25-Nov
Kellogg, Rose, 93 Paradise 25-Nov
Kelly, Alan James Chico 25-Nov
Kelly, Patsy 70's Magalia
Kemper, Margot, 90 Paradise 25-Nov
Kempton, Cosu Paradise 25-Nov
Kettle, Meretta -Oroville 25-Nov
Kibwhich, Eldrad 25-Nov
Kibwhich, Hilary -Magalia 25-Nov
Kibwhich, Jay -Magalia 25-Nov
Kibwhich, Jeremy -Magalia 25-Nov
Kibwhich, Randy -Magalia 25-Nov
Kincaid, Susan Paradise 24-Nov
King, Derek 25-Nov
Kirkpatrick, Kathleen Paradise 25-Nov
Kjer, Richard Paradise 25-Nov
Klein, William Paradise 25-Nov
Klein, Rosa Magalia 25-Nov
Klemme, Susan 67 Paradise 24-Nov
Klemme, Susan, 67 Paradise 25-Nov
Klout, Caroline 25-Nov
Klout, Cole 25-Nov
Knight, Karla 25-Nov
Knoefler, Steven, 26 -Magalia
Knowls, Gary 25-Nov
Kole, Barbara Paradise 25-Nov
Krepela, Doris 25-Nov
Krepela, Marvin 25-Nov
Krepela, Greg
Krug, Wendy Paradise 25-Nov

Lad, William -Magalia 25-Nov
Lamb, Leonard Paradise 25-Nov
Larsen-Estaban Peggy Paradise 25-Nov
Larsen-Rickers Sandy, Magalia 25-Nov
Larsen-Willaims Gayle Magalia 25-Nov
Larson, Barbara Paradise 24-Nov
Leablehm-Clayton, Katie, 11 Magalia
Lee, Wini Rene Berry Creek 25-Nov
Lefrancois, , Grace, 89 -Magalia 25-Nov
Lewis, Carl Magalia 24-Nov
Lloyd, Gary 90's -Magalia
Lombardo, John S. 25-Nov
Long, Dean -Paradise 24-Nov
Long, Patricia -Paradise 24-Nov
Long, Helen, 91 -Paradise 25-Nov
Lopes, Nancy, 78 -Magalia 25-Nov
Lopez, Russell 24-Nov
Lorona, Ellijah, 14 Magalia 25-Nov
Lorona, Maria, 51 Magalia 25-Nov
Losse, Bruce 24-Nov
Losse, Peggy 24-Nov
Lowe, Sarah Marie Paradise 24-Nov
Lymer, Evon -Magalia 25-Nov
Macalleson, Edward Magalia 25-Nov
Malm, Vonnie, 65 24-Nov
Mark, Christian 63 25-Nov
Marshall, Ada Jo Magalia
Martens-Bourne, Judith -Paradise 25-Nov
Martin, John A. 71 -Paradise
Martinez, Enricque Magalia 25-Nov
Martinez-Fabila Sarah, 51 Paradise 25-Nov
Mastri, Patricia -Paradise 25-Nov
Maxwell, Mark, 66 Paradise 24-Nov
Mcclane, Gerald 25-Nov
Mcclane, Mrs. Gerald 25-Nov
Mccollum, Ray, 60's Paradise
Mcconolly, Alexa -Paradise 25-Nov
Mcconolly, Chad -Paradise 25-Nov
Mcconolly, Samantha -Paradise 25-Nov
Mccoy, Tim 24-Nov
Mccoy, Samantha Paradise 25-Nov
Mccray, Bill 24-Nov
Mcfee, Joan Paradise 25-Nov
Mcgee, Harvey 25-Nov
Mcharque, Gary Paradise 24-Nov
Mclaughlin, June 25-Nov
Medico, Joseph, 90's Paradise 25-Nov
Medico, Lorraine, 90's Paradise 25-Nov
Merchant, Lorraine, 68 -Paradise 25-Nov
Messinger, Hilda Magalia 25-Nov
Meyer, Dianne Paradise 25-Nov
Miller, Jack Sterling City 24-Nov
Miller, Alexander Paradise 25-Nov
Miller, Jade 25-Nov
Miller, Jadwiga Paradise 25-Nov
Miller, John Paradise 25-Nov
Miller, Richard Paradise 25-Nov
Mills, Michael, 64 Paradise 25-Nov
Mintz, Dale, 73 Paradise 25-Nov
Montague Herb -Paradise 24-Nov
Moore, Lore -Paradise 24-Nov
Morgan, Jonathan Magalia 24-Nov
Morgan, Joanne, 80's Paradise 25-Nov
Morgan-Sinke Tanel Paradise 25-Nov
Morris, Ann Paradise
Musgrave, Peggy Paradise 25-Nov
Nelson, Sharon, -Magalia
Nelson, Nancy, 60's
Newton, Seikoh "Terumi", 81 -Paradise 25-Nov
Nicander, Erin Paradise 24-Nov
Nicander, Ralph Paradise 24-Nov
Nintz, Dale Paradise 25-Nov
Nolan, Francis, 92 -Paradise 24-Nov
Ordway, Robert "Bob" 59 Paradise 25-Nov
Osredkar, John, 77 Paradise 24-Nov
Painter, Garland 24-Nov
Parsons, Earl
Patten, Joan Paradise
Patten, Tom Paradise
Phalan, Frankie
Pierce, Sandy -Paradise 25-Nov
Piron, Mary Alice 24-Nov
Pitcock, Olene
Pool , Danny Ray -Magalia 25-Nov
Potter, Vernice, 95 -Paradise 25-Nov
Potter, Maria "Mary", 85 -Paradise
Powers, Stanley Chester 25-Nov
Quatacure, Sage -Magalia 25-Nov
Rajewski, Edward, 70's Paradise 25-Nov
Rajewski, Theresa, 70's Paradise 25-Nov
Ramsey, Mark, 40's Paradise 25-Nov
Rayfoll, Daniel -Magalia 25-Nov
Reach, Guyla 25-Nov
Redino, Tino 25-Nov
Reed, Amanda Paradise 25-Nov
Reed, Jeffery, 53/54 Butte Valley 25-Nov
Reed, John Paradise 25-Nov
Reed, Sonya 56 Butte Valley 25-Nov
Reid, Josh -Paradise 24-Nov
Reinholt, Barbara, 80's -Paradise 25-Nov
Reinholt, Richard, 80's -Paradise 25-Nov
Reisdorff, James, 83 -Paradise
Renen, Ed -Paradise 24-Nov
Renen, Pat -Paradise 24-Nov
Rierson, Rolfe, 71/72 Paradise 25-Nov
Rieser, Phil , 70's -Paradise 24-Nov
Rizdorf, James 83 24-Nov
Robinson, Jim 25-Nov
Rodriguez, Victor -Paradise
Rohr, Ken Paradise
Rohr, Shirley, Paradise
Root, Carol -Paradise
Rosencranz, James -Paradise
Rowling, Jane -Paradise 25-Nov
Ruel, Devan 59 25-Nov
Rutkowski Daniel Andrew 55 -Paradise
Sabalsa, Alejandro, 28 -Big Bend 25-Nov
Sabila, Sarah, 51 -Paradise 25-Nov
Sahli, Jane "Justine"
Sandoval, Alice, 96 -Paradise
Sandoval, Chris
Sandoval, Lucy Paradise
Santos, Sheila
Saubaysa, Noe 23 25-Nov
Scarborough, Rosa Paradise 25-Nov
Scherzer, Eugene Paradise 24-Nov
Schmidt, Berniece, 93 -Magalia 25-Nov
Schultz, Bill -Paradise
Scott, Jason, 36 24-Nov
Scott, Mary -Paradise 25-Nov
Scott, Carol Paradise
Scott, Mel Paradise
Sealander, Bob 60's -Paradise
Sealander, Char 60's -Paradise
Shell, Donald 25-Nov
Silva, Dorotheha, 86 -Paradise
Silva, Greg -Paradise
Silva, Patti -Paradise
Simpson, Diane, 65 -Paradise
Singh, Kulwinber, 68 Paradise 25-Nov
Sipher, Judith "Judy", 68 25-Nov
Smith, Bob, Paradise
Smith, June Paradise
Smith, Sandy Paradise
Snook, Dale, 80's
Srowick, John -Magalia 24-Nov
Stahl, Jason -Magalia 24-Nov
Stell, Bill 70 24-Nov
Stevens, John (Lt.) *family* Paradise
Striker, Robert Paradise 25-Nov
Sunderland, Mark -Paradise 25-Nov
Tafoya, Noelle 25-Nov
Tarrant, Jeannette, 83 Paradise 24-Nov
Teeples, Marilyn, 64 Paradise 25-Nov
Temple, Paul Magalia 25-Nov
Towner, John 25-Nov
Trahey, Claria, 83 -Paradise 25-Nov
Vadera, Lee 94 -Paradise 25-Nov
Vairo, Anita Paradise 25-Nov
Vandewater, Theodore "Ted", 75 -Paradise
Vargas, Anna
Vert, David "Dave", 50's Paradise 24-Nov
Viestra, Julia, 78 Magalia
Vogelcort, James -Magalia 25-Nov
Wagner, Edith, 70 Paradise 25-Nov
Wagner, Terry, 75 Paradise 25-Nov
Walker, Robert, 60 -Paradise
Walker, Don Magalia
Walker, Justin 36 Magalia
Ward, Matthew Paradise
Warren, Donna 86 -Paradise 25-Nov
Weathers, Daniel, 72 Paradise 24-Nov
Weathers, Mary, 70 Paradise 24-Nov
Weaver, Albert, 76 -Paradise 24-Nov
Weiland, Paul Paradise 25-Nov
Weldon, Dorothy, 90's Old Magalia
Wheeler, Mike, 75 -Paradise
Wheeler, Tina, 67 -Paradise
White, Robert "Rob" -Magalia
Wich, Ryan -Paradise 25-Nov
Willard, Donald Paradise
Williamson, Kim 69 25-Nov
Wilson, Basil "Johnny", 74 25-Nov
Wingit, Dale, 79 -Paradise 24-Nov
Winston, Bobbi -Paradise 25-Nov
Winston, Ray -Paradise 25-Nov
Wintette, Dale -Paradise 25-Nov
Wood, Barbara, 89 25-Nov
Woods, Ron Sr., 70's
Youngblood, Naomi, 50's Paradise 24-Nov
Zastoupil, Shyla Paradise 25-Nov
Zavala, Timmothy, 30 25-Nov
Barreles, Michelle, 28 Paradise 25-Nov
Ciordand, John, Chico 25-Nov
Ciordand, Maryann Chico 25-Nov
Clark, John, 77 Magalia 25-Nov
Cook, Helen Paradise 25-Nov
Cooper, Michael, 70 Paradise 25-Nov
Cratty, Carol, 87-92 Paradise 25-Nov
Cratty, Roy, 90's Paradise 25-Nov
Donahue, Tammy, 57 Magalia 25-Nov
Eckland, Lucille, 94 Paradise 25-Nov
Eckland, Taina, 60 Paradise 25-Nov
Facksteder, Carrie, 50 Paradise 25-Nov
Facksteder, Phillip, 50 Paradise 25-Nov
Flowers, William Paradise 25-Nov
Frybrock, Elouse Paradise 25-Nov
George, Sharon, 67 Paradise 25-Nov
Gilbert, Dianna Paradise 25-Nov
Giordano, Ciro, 82 Paradise 25-Nov
Glenn, A., 74 25-Nov
Glenn, Shirley 25-Nov
Grencabaugh, Anna, 74 Magalia 25-Nov
Hart, Allen, 72 Paradise 25-Nov
Harton, Linda, 79 Paradise 25-Nov
Havensue, Carol, 67 Paradise 25-Nov
Hayes, Helen Paradise 25-Nov
Henderson, Thomas, 65 Paradise 25-Nov
Hilton, Rusty Paradise 25-Nov
Hoyt, Carol Paradise 25-Nov
Jeffords, Robert 25-Nov
Jeffords, Joanne, 62 -Paradise 25-Nov
Karrol, Mike, 70's Paradise 25-Nov
Karstan, Anthony, 40-50's Paradise 25-Nov
Karstan, Willow, 50's Paradise 25-Nov
Kay, Susan Magalia 25-Nov
Keisner, Michael Paradise 25-Nov
Knippen, Karen, 71 Magalia 25-Nov
Kwachadle, Helen -Paradise 25-Nov
Nicander, Aaram Paradise 25-Nov
Papovich, Anthony "Tony", 64 Paradise 25-Nov