Body Catalog
Classic Mini Cooper Fiberglass panels & arches page 66
Created: January 10, 2019
Fiberglass panels and complete front ends are among the various options in fiberglass. Wheel arches in fiberglass and plastic chrome are also shown here. Cost effective shipping options are best at
Classic Mini Cooper Fender Flares -page 65
Created: January 10, 2019
Classic Mini Cooper wheel arches are also know as fender flares. As wider tires are used these fiberglass or plastic extensions cover the exposed wheels and tires. Available in various widths to suit tour taste.
Classic Mini Cooper Fuel tanks & Caps page 60
Created: January 09, 2019
Gas tanks for the Classic Mini are available in two sizes for the sedans, the pick-ups and wagons use a different fuel tank. Gas caps both original and aftermarket locking versions also available.
Classic Mini Cooper Floor Pans Rocker Panels page 62
Created: December 28, 2018
Classic Mini Cooper Sheet Metal for Floor Pans, Rocker panels, Trunk floors and even complete body shells are available at great prices. Both factory originals (OEM) and aftermarket. Ask the experts
Classic Mini Cooper Weatherstrip Door & Window page 64
Created: December 28, 2018
Rubber seals for weatherstripping the doors, windows front & rear of our classic Mini Cooper are all still available at great prices from the experts at
Classic Mini Cooper Front Panels, Fenders & Boot Lids page 61
Created: December 27, 2018
Every body panel you could ever need for your Classic Mini Cooper is available from the experts at Front nose panels, front fenders, Door Skins, boot lids and more. Genuine Original Equipment and aftermarket at great prices.
Classic Mini Cooper Bonnets Straps & Fixings page 63
Created: December 27, 2018
Many of the Classic Mini Cooper Body panels changed very little over the years but small changes can mean a lot in a restoration. The Classic Mini Cooper Bonnet, straps, hinges etc are all available from the experts at
17 Mini Mania Catalog BODY 60-66
Created: October 23, 2017
View the Mini Mania Catalog as a PDF. Find a Part No. in the catalog. Type or copy/paste it into the search box to find it on the website.