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BMW Mini Cooper
Fittings-trim Catalog
Classic Mini Cooper Bumpers & Trim page 58
Created: January 09, 2019
Front and rear bumpers for the Classic Mini with or without Bumper over-riders in both Chrome or Stainless steel version are options for all Mini Owners. Trim items include Mud flaps and seam covers.
Classic Mini Cooper Mirrors -page 57
Created: January 09, 2019
Great selection of Mirrors for the Classic Mini including rear view mirror, door & fender mirrors are available in black or chrome. Classic Torpedo mirrors in various styles are listed.
Classic Mini Cooper Window Weatherstrip page 56
Created: January 09, 2019
Door & window mouldings and weatherstrips for the Classic Mini From 1959 thru 2000. Front , rear & door glass and rubber seals for all models. Door sill plates also available-
Classic Mini Cooper MK3 & Later door hardware page 55
Created: January 09, 2019
Classic Mini Cooper Door Handles & Hinges page 54
Created: January 09, 2019
Door hardware for the Classic Mini includes inside & outside handles, window locks, external hinges and more. Complete selections for all Minis from 1959 thru 2000. Technical support on-line, e-mail or phone.
Classic Mini Catalog FITTINGS to TRIM pages 54-58
Created: October 23, 2017
View the Mini Mania Catalog as a PDF. Find a Part No. in the catalog. Type or copy/paste it into the search box to find it on the website.