Created: August 18, 2010
Late Classic Mini Cooper Production Information. 1985 to 2000 year models
2008 MINI Cooper Clubman The classic compact has a growth spurt
Created: April 18, 2008
If you believe the MINI is too small to accommodate some activities, meet the other MINI - the MINI Clubman. Available as a base Cooper model and the hotter Cooper S, it's essentially identical to the MINI Coupe from the nose to the "B" pillar, but from there rearward it has been extended. The w...
Created: August 03, 2006
Caterpillar Inc. Subsidiary to Acquire Ownership of Marketing, Sales and Distribution of MG Rover Parts and Accessories Worldwide
Created: March 17, 2006
AP Hydraulics, the well-known manufacturer of car brake parts based in Leamington Spa, became the latest to apply to the PPF to be bailed out.
Created: April 14, 2005
Maxi Mini results
Created: June 12, 2001
BMW has announced record sales ahead of the official launch of the new Mini, which is being manufactured in Cowley. The German car maker sold almost
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Created: January 04, 2001
This is what happens when you let designers off the leash! BMW has encouraged stylists on the new MINI project to let their pens run wild – and the results are so exciting they'll be considered for production
Created: October 11, 2000
Mini enthusiasts have reacted with anger to news that 70 per cent of the new model will come from abroad. As production of the old Mini ends after 41 years, we can reveal that its replacement is to be a hotpotch of parts made in SIX different countries.
Created: October 06, 2000
The last ever original Minis came off the production line at the MG Rover plant in Longbridge, Birmingham on October 4, 2000. The Classic Mini, originally designed on a napkin by engineer Alec Issigonis, notched up worldwide sales of 5.39 million cars and became the car of the stars in the 1960's. Here is a collection of pictures of the event that marked this momentous occasion.
BMW Reveals Mini Family
Created: October 06, 2000
The newly born Mini is set to expand into a family of models, including a cabriolet, an estate and even a pick-up. BMW, which retained ownership of the brand in the wake of the Rover crisis, is giving visitors to the Paris Motor Show a preview of how the new models could look by showing a computer-generated film of each of them.
Created: October 05, 2000
The Mini, a boxy pup of a car that wowed the Beatles and came to symbolize the swinging '60s, entered automotive history when the last of its 41-year pedigree -- No. 5,387,862 -- rolled off the production line Wednesday. Conceived as a thrifty "people's car" during a 1950s fuel crisis, the 10-foot-long Mini earned the devotion of legions of British baby boomers eager to flaunt their individuality.
Created: October 04, 2000
After 41 years of continuous production and more than five million cars built, the classic Mini has come to the end of the road. Production of the compact car finished on Wednesday at the MG Rover Group factory in Longbridge, Birmingham. There have been nearly 140 different models of the car since it was first introduced in 1959, as an economy vehicle in the wake of the Suez oil crisis.
Created: October 04, 2000
Sixties icon Lulu today drove the 5,387,862nd and final classic Mini off the production line, bringing to an end a milestone in British motoring history. After 41 years of continuous production, manufacturing of the car that symbolised the Swinging Sixties ended at the MG Rover Group plant at Longbridge, Birmingham.
Created: October 04, 2000
The last of the classic Minis will roll off the Rover assembly line at Longbridge near Birmingham, England today (October 4) after 41 years in production. But it doesn't hold the record for the longest UK assembly run. That title is likely to be retained by Morgan,
Created: October 04, 2000
Today MG Rover Group will build the last Classic Mini at its Longbridge factory, in Birmingham. The event marks the transition from an era that produced this great British icon, into the new millennium with the first Longbridge-built Rover 75,as transfer of the assembly operation from Oxford is completed.
Created: October 04, 2000
It was a classless icon of the swinging sixties that became one of the world's favourite little cars. The last classic Mini rolled off the production line at MG Rover Group's Longbridge factory at Birmingham in central England on Wednesday after notching up worldwide sales of 5.39 million over the past 41 years.
Created: October 04, 2000
More than 40 years of classic motoring history have ended today with the last Rover-built Mini coming off the production line.Over five million cars have been sold since the first £496 cars was sold in 1959, and there have been more than 130 different models.
Created: September 19, 2000
It has perhaps taken a little longer for the new Mini to make its appearance than most people expected. However, when you are replacing a motoring legend then you are perhaps permitted to take it slowly. Quite how it will be perceived when it eventually arrives on our roads is another matter entirely.
New MGs Caught On Film
Created: September 15, 2000
Rover will roar back into showrooms next year with a range of sporty MG saloons – and Auto Express has an exclusive sneak preview of what they'll offer. Detail shots were revealed to a top-secret gathering of staff, dealers and suppliers at the Longbridge plant in Birmingham.
Created: September 14, 2000
The new BMW reincarnation of the British Mini motoring icon which will debut at the Paris Motor Show at the end of September may not be British for very long. Reports are circulating that the New Mini will have as much as 70% of its components sourced from outside the UK. Its engine is being sourced from a BMW and DaimlerChrysler joint venture in Brazil.
Created: September 11, 2000
Production of the Longbridge Mini will cease on October 4, after 41 years continuous build, it has been announced. The last classic Mini will be built at Longbridge on Wednesday, October 4, 2000 at approximately 10.30am, with a cumulative total of 5,387,862 built.
Created: August 30, 2000
For the first time since the Frankfurt preview in 1997, BMW has shown new Mini to the UK press. This was on 29 August at Camden in London and the car on display was a black Cooper with white roof.
Created: August 22, 2000
University Motors Ltd of Ada, Michigan, one of two Heritage Approved Workshops in the United States, has announced the dates for the Year 2000 Trade Conference. An invitation is extended to all those in the MG parts and service community to share business and technical information in a two day conference.
Created: August 21, 2000
Unlike some other manufacturers, who have protected their own brands with a polite but firm phone call to trademark transgressors, this punitive approach is threatening to put some companies out of business.
Created: August 03, 2000
Ford's eagerly anticipated involvement in the future of Mini Classic appears to have been curtailed. Last month it was confirmed by Ford Premier Automotive Group, BMW and British Motor Heritage that Ford would be taking over future production of the Classic shell at BMH Witney. Now it seems Ford's interest is more limited than that.
Created: July 27, 2000
With all of the back and forth over the new BMW sale of Rover Group not much has been said till now about the future of the Heritage Motor Centre and its world famous collection of vehicles and archives. According to "Classic & Sports Car" magazine, in its May issue, Ford will be the new nominal custodian of the British Motor Industry Heritage Centre.
Created: July 27, 2000
One of Britain's most legendary motoring marques could be brought out of mothballs in a bid to revitalise Rover. Austin, fondly remembered by few for Seventies models such as the Maestro, Allegro and Princess, is being tipped by industry insiders as the name the company will choose for a new supermini.
Created: July 27, 2000
Pre War (II) vintage race cars never go out of style! Some of the most avid vintage racers drive Bugattis, Maseratis, Alfas, Talbots, MGs, Lagondas, Bentleys, Fords, Millers, and other "vertical", very historic sports and race cars. Several vintage racing events have become traditional, large gatherings. The VARA British Extravaganza
Created: July 26, 2000
Traditional Mini repair and accessory shops in Britain are under siege from German giant BMW. The maker, which retained the rights to the marque's name after selling Rover to Phoenix, is threatening firms using the word Mini in their company title with legal action.
Created: July 26, 2000
The VSCDA Brian Redman International Challenge, July 21-23, at Road America attracted another large, stellar field of almost 450 vintage and historic racers. Featured was a Can-Am Thunder race topped by, whatelse,
Created: July 25, 2000
The Midget and Sprite Club Archivist, Terry Horler, is compiling a comprehensive International Midget & Sprite Register - do your bit now! All information will be added to the register, it will not go to any third party outside the Midget & Sprite Club.
Created: July 24, 2000
"By using the word Mini to market and sell your products and business, members of the public will be confused into believing that your good services are in some way connected or authorised by BMW when this is not the case. This constitutes passing off and is actionable."
Created: July 14, 2000
BMW has confirmed that the long-awaited new Mini range will include a high performance Cooper version. John Cooper, whose name has graced a succession of hot Minis over the years, believes that the Cooper name is central to the Mini brand.
Created: July 06, 2000
Ford has bought the Gaydon Museum (BMIHT and BMIHC) and Research Centre Complex. BMW will keep British Motor Heritage including the Witney site. This means that, for now, once the Longbridge assembly line closes down, BMW will be in charge of producing original Mini bodyshells.
Created: July 03, 2000
ROVER has confirmed that the green light has not been given to a supercharged MG. It has, however, confirmed it is on the cards. The race-derived 150-mph car is one of a number or products being considered by Kevin Howe to enhance the brand.
Created: June 28, 2000
VARAC's Annual Vintage Festival at Mosport Raceway in Canada June 30-July 2 always attracts the largest vintage auto racing field of any Canadian vintage race. This is the 21st annual Festival, the public is invited.
Insider's Guide To Mini
Created: June 26, 2000
Among the key options which will whet the appetite of new Mini fans is a full-length glass roof, the front portion of which lifts and slides back over the rear section. Also on the cards is Steptronic transmission, Rover's CVT-based automatic gearbox which also delivers manual shifting – in the Mini's case via the gearlever.
Created: June 22, 2000
BMOC annual club show held at Aston Hall & Park in Birmingham, Show features Full Concours, Club Stands, Auto Jumble, Kids Games etc. All for just £1.00 entry Mini car Drivers And Passengers. Gates Open 10:00 am
Created: May 31, 2000
The DeLorean Motor Co., which collapsed more than 17 years ago amid charges of money laundering, is about to end its bankruptcy proceedings, and creditors may get 100 percent of what they are owed, the company's trustee said Tuesday.
Created: May 29, 2000
With the image of the Rover brand somewhat tarnished, the Phoenix Consortium is moving quickly after buying the group from BMW to develop a new model range that will carry the MG brand.
Created: May 25, 2000
The British Motor Industry Heritage Centre at Gaydon has been bought by a subsidiary of Ford Motor Company. This includes current the Mini production line, although the life of the classic car is unlikely to be extended, and will end as planned in September 2000.
Created: May 25, 2000
Four eastern European countries are competing to attract a new BMW AG plant in which it will build a new small car [new Mini] in the wake of the sale of its Rover unit, BMW said on Thursday.
Created: May 25, 2000
Having now got rid of its loss-making Land Rover and Rover Cars subsidiaries in the UK, BMW's share price has strengthened in Germany and analysts regard the company as less vulnerable to a take-over bid. Milberg predicted that BMW would "grow profitably with the launch of a small BMW, the X family and with products under the Mini brand".
Created: May 18, 2000
ROVER has re-introduced Friday working at Longbridge, which was stopped earlier this year by former owners BMW. The decision is a further boost to employees and will add more confidence to the dealer network.
Created: May 05, 2000
STEPHEN BYERS, the Trade and Industry Secretary, will today hold talks with John Towers, the former Rover chief executive who is leading the Phoenix bid for Rover.
Created: May 03, 2000
The Mini Clan will be organising a London to Brighton Run equivalent here in Scotland. Through the centre of Edinburgh, under the gaze of Edinburgh Castle, before crossing the river Forth, with it's magnificent bridges, en-route to the beautiful Kingdom of Fife where country highways and byways will speed you to St. Andrews, the Home of Golf, where a beachside show'n'shine and 'Mini' Highland Games will supplement all that St. Andrews has to offer.
Created: May 03, 2000
JOHN Towers said his Phoenix consortium had held "detailed and positive" talks at the London offices of BMW's solicitors, yesterday aimed at securing the future of Rover and that things were 'moving in the right direction'. Mr Towers said relatively few items had been identified for the two teams to work on in the next few days.
Created: May 02, 2000
British investment firm Alchemy Partners could reopen talks with German carmaker BMW AG over the future of Rover cars under certain conditions, the Financial Times reported on Tuesday.
Created: April 25, 2000
According to a BMW executive, Ford would buy BMW and Rolls-Royce, then sell Rolls to VW, which already owns Bentley. But Ford and VW both want the Mini. John Towers is said to want to purchase another British brand such as Triumph or Austin Healey from BMW.
Created: April 21, 2000
BMW executives yesterday met members of the Towers consortium to clarify details of its rival bid for Rover. The move came as unions prepare for a last-ditch visit to Munich next week to press BMW to drop the bid by the venture capital group, Alchemy Partners, in favour of John Towers, who plans high volume car production.
Created: April 20, 2000
German luxury car maker BMW AG said on Thursday it will retain 2,000 of the 8,500 workers it employs at its UK Rover subsidiary's Longbridge plant after selling off the loss-making division.
Created: April 19, 2000
FOLLOWING Jon Moulton's demand for equal treatment from the government for his bid for Rover as that offered to John Tower's bid, the DTI confirmed yesterday that Alchemy would receive a grant.
Created: April 18, 2000
ALCHEMY PARTNERS, the venture capital firm, is set to forge an alliance with Group Lotus, the sports car manufacturer, to bolster its bid to buy Rover from BMW. Lotus Engineering, a division of Lotus Cars, is considering a proposal to develop the new MG sports cars Alchemy intends to produce if it succeeds in buying Rover.
Created: April 18, 2000
The main thrust of the Alchemy Partners' business plan for Rover, released last evening, further highlights its persistence with sports cars. It is hoping to team-up with Lotus and drive hard for the US market which it says offers significant sales possibilities.
Created: April 17, 2000
Rejuvenated motoring marque Jensen could stand to benefit from the demise of Rover after owners of the British sports car stated an interest in using some of the now spare capacity at Longbridge.
Created: April 09, 2000
VOLKSWAGEN, maker of the Beetle, is bidding to take over manufacture of the British Mini in a huge motor industry shake-up. The German car company has emerged as a favourite to take over BMW, which has been hit hard by its losses at Rover. If it does so, it would acquire both the Mini and the Rolls-Royce.
Created: April 07, 2000
MINI has announced a new 3-model line-up for the UK market, known as the Mini Classic range. It comprises Mini Seven, Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper Sport. These derivatives will be the final versions of a car which laid down the rules of small-car motoring 41 years ago. Mini Seven reflects the car’s heritage, being influenced by the original 1959 model while the Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper Sport further demonstrate Mini’s sportiness, agility and exciting driving abilities, says the company. In european and world markets, a further ‘luxury’ variant is offered called Mini Knightsbridge.
Created: April 04, 2000
Around 100,000 people in a column four miles long filed through Birmingham on Saturday to protest against BMW's sale of Rover. Police were forced to close the city centre - and were ordered to leave their BMW motorbikes at home and follow the march on foot.
Created: April 04, 2000
A trade union chief has called on James Bond to abandon his German sports car and drive British. The decision by German carmaker BMW to sell off its British Rover business has sparked anger in Britain and prompted calls for a boycott of BMW cars. ``OO7 is an international symbol of British patriotism and it is inconceivable that he can carry on driving round in one of those cars,'' said Sir Ken Jackson of the Amalgamated Engineering and Electrical Union.
Created: April 02, 2000
THE political future of Stephen Byers was thrown into further doubt last night after the chairman of BMW claimed he had warned the trade secretary last year that he might have to sell Rover. In his first interview since the crisis blew up, Joachim Milberg said he told Byers in December that Rover was in "serious trouble" and that a sell-off might have to be considered. He said Byers seemed to take the news calmly and was "unmoved".
Created: March 30, 2000
The company has just reported financial results for 1999 which show a large loss and indications of sales problems with some of its models, and a spate of reliability issues with Land Rovers.
Created: March 30, 2000
Mr Byers authorised officials from his Department of Trade and Industry to go public on the talks six days before the sale of Rover was announced, in an attempt to show that he could not have forseen the decision. He had promised to lay the details before the Trade and Industry Select Committee next week, and his decision to go public earlier was seized on by the Tories as evidence of his nervousness. He won room for manoeuvre when BMW admitted that it had not warned Mr Byers that Rover's future was in jeopardy, despite the firm's earlier insistence that it had.
Created: March 29, 2000
BMW, the German carmaker, blames British consumers for the collapse of Rover, claiming that the lack of support from car buyers in its home market was a key reason for the company's decline. Joachim Milberg, the BMW chairman, delivered the stinging attack with BMW's annual results in Munich. He also renewed his attack on the British Government with claims that the high value of sterling made the German company's presence in Britain untenable.
Created: March 29, 2000
What seemed like a done deal has been thrown into fresh doubt after a counter bid for Rover. The move puts a Midlands entrepreneur head-to-head with Alchemy Partners. Computer millionaire John Hemmings claimed he had support from backers willing to save Longbridge. BMW has said it will consider other offers, but the move has only added to the uncertainty facing Rover.
Created: March 27, 2000
Car giant Ford is believed to have made a formal offer to buy BMW for £10 billion, according to reports from insiders working at the German manufacturer.
Created: March 22, 2000
The UK's Retail Motor Industry Federation is making representations on behalf of some 300 car dealers for BMW to pay compensation for the losses the dealers expect to suffer as a result of BMW selling its loss-making Rover subsidiary.
Created: March 22, 2000
The British car is dead. Long live the British car. Rover's demise as a large manufacturer should finally lay the awful ghost of Leyland to rest. But what next? The future could be bright - and a world away from the walnut-and-leather dead end that has dogged home-owned mass-production carmaking.
Created: March 22, 2000
THE last of the original Minis will roll off the Longbridge production line this year, after a tradition lasting more than 40 years. Alchemy Partners, which plans to take over the Longbridge plant, announced yesterday that production of the Mini would cease before the appearance of the version to be produced by BMW at the Cowley plant in Oxford from summer 2001. Jon Moulton, head of Alchemy Partners, said: "We will wind down the production of the old Mini by the autumn and phase it out by the end of the year."
Created: March 22, 2000
JON MOULTON faced the world with a smile yesterday when he was asked how his company Alchemy would turn the base metal of Britain's motor industry into gold. Everyone was fearing a slick City spiv generally spreading gloom in the name of profit. Instead, the balding man who emerged from the modest Covent Garden offices of his venture-capital firm was more than mildly eccentric and took on the baying crowds like one of the best stand-up performers in front of an audience of hecklers.
Created: March 20, 2000
Ford is interested in taking over German luxury car maker BMW AG (BMWG.DE), although talks to that end have not taken place at the management board level, Welt am Sonntag said.
Created: March 19, 2000
I FIRST set foot more than 20 years ago in what was then BL Cars. It was clear the company, which had been loss-making from inception, lacked the intellectual horsepower to meet the looming challenges of technological change and customer expectations.
Created: March 17, 2000
Workers at the Rover plant in central England, the largest car factory in the country, braced themselves on Friday for heavy job losses as its new owner said it planned to slash production.
Company is a history of British marques
Created: March 17, 2000
Rover today is the culmination of a long process of mergers and takeovers within the British motor industry since the Second World War. Its history is also the history of the demise of some of Britain's best known car makes: Wolseley, Riley, Austin and Morris.
Created: March 16, 2000
The new company will continue with Rover's current model range of the 25, 45, 75, Old Mini and MGF will provide ongoing service to Rover's customers.
Created: March 16, 2000
British unions fearfully braced for a decision by German carmaker BMW AG to sell its loss-making Rover to a venture capital firm on Thursday, saying they would bitterly oppose a decision to split up the division.
Created: March 16, 2000
British investment group Alchemy would take control of current Mini production at Longbridge, but plans to cease manufacture of the Mini later this year would remain. Alchemy will become responsible for supplying parts for the current Mini.
MG: Reviving the brand
Created: March 16, 2000
MG was considered the poor man's Jaguar, a sporty model that was in the reach of the ordinary man.
Created: March 15, 2000
BMW SHARES in German soared today after signals that the manufacturers was planning to rid itself of loss-making Rover in the UK. Shares soared over 8% to 29.80 euros. No further announcement is expected on the German company's decision about Rover until a press conference on Friday.
Created: March 10, 2000
These two recall campaigns for the BMW-owned British brands come at the same time as there are renewed fears that the European Commission will block the British government giving subsidies worth over $222 million to encourage BMW to invest in making Rover's Longbridge plant viable.
Created: March 06, 2000
The Munich manufacturer wants sites selling up to 1,500 vehicles a year with the Mini, MG, Rover, Land Rover and BMW marques all on offer under one roof.
Created: March 05, 2000
AS HE prepared for last week's Geneva motor show, Rick Wagoner, chief executive-designate of General Motors, spotted a British newspaper headline about GM.
Created: March 02, 2000
THE FORMER Lucas automotive component factory in Burnley, Lancs
Created: February 29, 2000
BMW is reporting that new vehicle deliveries rose more than 8% in the first 2-months of 2000 to almost 170,000 vehicles, with Rover sales rising more than 2%.
Limited Edition Minis Cheaper on the Continent
Created: February 25, 2000
If you were to do some window shopping in mainland Europe you would find that the new limited edition Minis are as much as US$3,200 cheaper there than in the UK.
Limited Edition Minis Unveiled
Created: February 24, 2000
Specifications of the LE 'final edition' Minis has been released by Rover
Four special edition Minis to mark the end of productuion
Created: February 18, 2000
Later this year Rover will produce four speical 'final edition' Minis: the Knightsbridge, Seven, Cooper, and Cooper S.
Created: February 16, 2000
According to a source in association with Rover, it is no longer possible for UK dealers to order UK-specification Minis
Created: February 08, 2000
BMW, Rover's parent company, expressed surprise yesterday that its fellow German carmaker, Porsche, is to challenge BMW's £152m government subsidy to rebuild the Longbridge plant.
Created: February 07, 2000
There are rumors floating about that an official party will be held this summer
Created: February 12, 1996
ROVER engineers are studying a design for a new Mini which would incorporate two engines and make it almost as revolutionary as the original, now 36 years old and still going strong.