Fun Things
Jay Lenos Garage 1965 Morris Mini Minor
Created: February 28, 2019
In this episode of Jay Leno's Garage, Jay's guest Steve Nelson brings his 1965 Morris Minor that has been with him for more than 40 years.
60 Year Edition MINI
Created: January 24, 2019
All eyes will be on the 60 Year Edition MINI, a model very similar to the 2019 F55 and F56.
Created: August 07, 2012
British automaker MINI has unleashed a fleet of MiniMINIs onto the field at London’s Olympic Stadium to fetch thrown objects; in this case of the Javelin, Discus, Shot and Hammer variety.
Created: February 15, 2012
No excuses! Simply take 10% off the next 72 hours and we will donate another 5% to United Way
The 10 Most Famous Minis
Created: October 28, 2011
The Minis that made it "the" Mini!
Meet the MINI Countryman’s Classic Cousin, Mini MAX !
Created: March 04, 2011
The Mini MAX is undoubtedly purpose-built, but sensible given Mila's activities, which include publishing his Czech-language publication "OffRoad 4x4 Magazine" blitzing sand dunes in sub-Saharan Africa; and barreling over glacial tundra in Iceland.
BMC Mini Original Commercial!
Created: February 01, 2011
Check out this classic BMC video!
eBay watch: 1988 Austin Mini Designer Mary Quant Edition
Created: January 24, 2011
We have featured one of these in the past, but as they come up so infrequently - and we think they're a collectible of tomorrow - we're flagging up another Austin Mini Designer Mary Quant Edition.
The Mini at 50: why we'll never tire of these wheels
Created: January 19, 2009
The Mini was invented in 1959. And thank heavens for that, for without it the Sixties would surely not have been possible. How would Twiggy have got around? And never mind who your favourite Beatle was: which was your favourite Beatle's Mini? Paul's green 1965 Cooper S? John's GT? Or George's psychedelic Mini? Or Ringo's high-spec Radford Mini?
Created: March 07, 2007
Welcome to the 1959 Mini Register.The Register is free to join and is for owners of 1959 Minis.Our aim is to help preserve these unique British Motoring icons.You can contact me via email at
Hooked on MINIs presented by Mini Mania!
Created: February 24, 2007
Hooked on MINIs presented by Mini Mania & Hooked on Driving! An event sponsored by Mini Mania that was almost a “not happening” experience, turned into a very special day. For 2 days before this “MINIs only driving experience, the rain was constant and for many of us it was actually snow! The Mini M...
Created: February 14, 2007
Created: November 07, 2005
The Phil Wicks Ultimate Mini Driving Academy will be at Laguna Seca on Wednesday, December 14. The activities will begin on Tuesday, December 13, at the Embassy Suites on Monterey Bay with pre-registration and opening reception.
Created: December 09, 2002
Created: June 10, 2002
These days, it would appear that people have flat out lost their collective minds.  Wouldn't it?  After all, each morning after a brief flurry of activity in the home, and a much too short period of warming up the wee beastie, I head out of my Metropolitan apartment complex and attempt to scoot out into traffic (ahhh city life).
Created: April 29, 2002
Gray skies and drizzle didn't deter the determined Mini and MINI drivers from having a great time during for the 2nd Annual "Mini" Miglia Fun Run
Created: March 25, 2002
Stand up and be counted! List your Classic Mini or variant with the American Mini Registry and be a part of a permanent census of Minis in the US.
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Created: February 27, 2002
Created: February 12, 2002
When you're young and not thinking clearly, anything's possible. Even driving a Mini shell across town ... on TOP of your Mini! Rachel Nelson of Victoria, BC, sent photos and the whole story
Created: November 20, 2001
Minis, of course, are fantastically manoeuvrable, but that applies only when a sufficient number of wheels are on some kind of surface. It does not apply when they're all up in the air.
Created: August 17, 2001
It is inevitable that when good ideas come up, they will come up at inopportune times. This was one such time and Mini Run 2001 was such an idea. Read the first of many Mini episodes ...
Created: August 17, 2001
Mini Run Part 1: 5000 Miles in a Mini with Mr. Murphy
Created: July 13, 2001
WHEN the chef Antony Worrall Thompson was aged 20, he was well known to the local police. His souped-up Mini Cooper S looked highly suspect, with its
Created: April 12, 2001
Congratulations to our first Mini Mania contest winner, Bob Beauchemin! Find out more about Bob and his gorgeous Mini.
Created: April 05, 2001
Changeover period should mean fun driving for MINI owners.
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Created: February 16, 2001
On February 11th the Oregon mini Society headed for Vancouver Washington's indoor go-cart track, called Hot Tracks, to try out their driving skills behind the wheel. Talk about a lot of fun, these 160cc carts can go an amazing 30 miles an hour with their Honda 5.5hp engines!
Created: February 07, 2001
A MINI fanatic has received particular mention in Britains best-recognised awards scheme for small businesses, it was announced today. Judges were so impressed with the Mini specialist that they created a special award to recognise the firms outstanding achievement.
Created: February 07, 2001
The Austin Mini1000 makes for a great slalom car, assuming you prepare it well. However, for those of us trying to prove we are related to Mario Andretti or some other famous (or less so) racer, and without the budget to prepare a killer mini, the less prepared mini 1000 will have to do and certainly fits the description of "low budget slalom car".
Created: February 07, 2001
Following a visit to my Godfathers back in the winter of ’95 the idea was born. Gerry Hawkridge, the owner of Transformer Cars, was in the midst of building a mini sprint!
Created: February 02, 2001
I recently discovered a way to race a Mini Cooper S 1.3I all over the world, without paying a dime
Created: January 25, 2001
It was at Knox Mountain Hillclimb in mid May of 1974, the sky was blue the air was warm and all was well in the world for this nine year old boy -- at least I was nine then! I was wide eyed and very impressionable -- some say little has changed-- and everything was bright and colorful (specifically the cars)! Of course, way back then, Knox Mountain was sort of a Mecca for British Columbia drivers like my dad (Ken McVay) who had visions of tromping Triumphs and Datsuns alike with his highly prepared MG despite the fact that it lacked one important ingredient: Goodyear Bluesteaks!
How low can you go?
Created: January 19, 2001
MINI owners in Buckinghamshire who found a man with a tape measure taking their cars' vital statistics might like to know that this apparently peculiar activity got him into the Guinness Book of Records.
Created: January 17, 2001
Mini Owner Alex Best from Haselmere in Surrey won a Slogan competition held by Herts Insurance Consultants.
Created: January 12, 2001
Over 70 celebrities signed the team 107 Mini which took part in the 10th annual Italian Job run.
Mini Memoirs: Bruce's Cooper
Created: November 08, 2000
Although I have lived in the Caribbean for the past 28 years I keep a car or two in NJ where my vacations are for car shows. The Mini is my driver. The truck is not mine. I have had more fun driving this and people love seeing it more than many other more exotic cars I have owned.
Created: October 16, 2000
The morning of Monday, September 4, 2000, dawned cloudy and damp. It wasn't raining, but had been and, as Dorothea and I made ready to continue along the Lewis and Clark Trail, it was easy to envision what the Corps of Discovery had faced in November 1805. Envision it we did, but that didn't stop us from having a hot breakfast and setting off from Portland, Oregon, in a warm and dry car.
Created: October 16, 2000
The following is a summary of the boring bits from the Wolseley Across America trip. If you have any questions or comments, I can be reached at
Created: October 05, 2000
The Mini is as youthful as the day that Sir Alec Issigonis first sketched its simple lines on a restaurant table cloth. In four decades it has become an icon and is destined to live on as one of the great legends of the world motor industry. The modern motor car was born on 26 August 1959.
Created: October 04, 2000
Portland. This Portland is in Oregon. Oregon is the 18th State of the trip. It is also the 2nd biggest at 97,073 square miles (rank 10 in the US), only surpassed by Montana. With a population of 3.2 million (ranking 11th out of our 18) the population density is only 33 people per square mile.
Created: October 03, 2000
n Kennewick on the evening of August 31st, EG and I are almost a week ahead of the Corps of Discovery. The Corps camped at the meeting of the Clearwater and Snake Rivers near present day Lewiston, Idaho, on October 10th. They dined on what they purchased from the Indians: dried roots, salmon and dog.
Created: September 27, 2000
I need to back up a bit. Although I-15 between Great Falls and Helena in itself is just another freeway, the country through which it passes can hold one's interest - what could be seen of it because of the smoke. The road follows the Missouri River and even crosses it several times. It is easy to use your imagination and see the Corps of Discovery trying to maneuver the heavy canoes against the river's flow.
Created: September 25, 2000
Monday night the 28th left me in glenDIVE, Montana (having traveled from Pierre, South Dakota that day) about to poke into EG's dropping gas mileage. PART 20 also left Lewis and Clark leaving the current-day Pierre area heading out away from the Teton Sioux.
Created: September 20, 2000
Once dinner the 27th was out of the way it was time to dive into EG to see why she was running a bit "off," and, while I was at it, it was time to change the tarp. It had flapped around for 3,900 miles since leaving Miami and had worn through in a few spots. I was heading for the Northwest. It might rain.
Created: September 15, 2000
It was Sunday the 27th. I was two days out of St. Louis and had easily covered over 500 miles. Lewis and Clark took well over two months to cover the same distance. They spent four days in this area south of present day Omaha, and continued to marvel at the vast prairie devoid of trees. By July 27/28 they passed through the area now known as Omaha and shortly after encountered a lone Indian. Through him they arranged their first formal meeting with Indians for August 3rd at the area that became Fort Atkinson. Their thoughts on the Omaha area? Clark wrote,
Created: September 14, 2000
Saturday the 26th was to be a short drive, but I still got an early start. I had to get around Kansas City (and Kansas City, there's one in Kansas, too) before the Saturday working corporate drones clogged the freeways. The day's route would take me from Missouri to Kansas (briefly), back to Missouri to Iowa and finally into Nebraska outside of Omaha. I was still on the trail of Lewis and Clark following the Missouri River and heading for a meeting with Mini owner Frank Grover.
Created: September 13, 2000
Something tells me these have been used for a rallye or two in the past. Eventually, Karl led me to Highway 94 just on the north side of the Missouri River where he let me lead for a while until he had to turn off and head back. Horn honk, lights flash, and a wave and EG and I were off to cross Missouri and get to Lees Summit just outside of Kansas City.
Created: September 12, 2000
The 24th I got an early start. I wanted to get to St. Louis to connect up with the MADMEN before the afternoon traffic crunch started and all the corporate drones hit the road. Most of the planned route was on freeways, so, for the most part, the drive was going to be hot, humid and boring. EG decided to make it just a bit more exciting for me. More of that later.
Created: September 11, 2000
Knoxville, Tennessee. I arrived the afternoon of the 22nd to the west of Knoxville near the junction of boring I-75 and equally boring I-140 and checked into a motel for the night. Before I broke out the computer to makes some notes about the day's drive, I called Hugh Cannon. Hugh's not only a Mini owner in the area, but I was to find out that he owns two of my favorite Minis: Mokes (just don't tell EG!).
September Italian Job Celeb Special
Created: September 07, 2000
The Italian Job Team number 107 Mini was recently invited to the Sir John Mills Celebrity Golf Classic where 21 famous personalities added their autographs to the Miniís bodywork. This brings the total number of celebrities to have signed the car to over 40.
Created: September 07, 2000
We left EG and me all but coasting into Asheville just off the Blue Ridge Parkway desperately looking for a gas station and seeing a sign indicating Asheville was 5 more miles. I turned the corner, and there was a gas station! Sort of makes up for driving up Mount Mitchell to see the sights and only seeing clouds.
Created: September 05, 2000
Sunday the 20th promised to be a great day. That is the day I started down the Blue Ridge Parkway. Up until a couple of months ago, I'd never heard of it. It's certainly no secret to anyone who lives within 500 miles of it, but, hey, I'm a Left Coaster.
Wolseley Across America 12: MORE VIRGINIA
Created: September 01, 2000
Every State visited by EG and me has much to offer, more than could be seen in a short period of time. Virginia certainly fits in that category. The plan, as you'll recall, was to spend Friday the 18th playing tourist. One small area around Jamestown, Yorktown and Williamsburg could occupy a week. I stretched the trip to give it a day. Just a taste, but probably enough to entice me back someday.
Created: August 31, 2000
Just to put North Carolina in perspective with the other three states (and you thought I was going to forget about demographics and history, didn't you?) its population of about 7.5 million puts it just less than double its neighbor to the south, South Carolina, and about the same as Georgia.
Created: August 28, 2000
I've been asked to comment about how EG has been performing to date, so this article will put the trip out of Charleston on hold long enough to recap how the South African Wolseley is performing north of the equator.
Created: August 28, 2000
Wednesday the 16th saw me turning my back on Charleston, with some regret, and heading north along 17 with the ultimate destination for the day of somewhere in the Outer Banks. Well planned, as usual, you can see. Highway 17 runs near the Atlantic through a national forest for a while, although you'd never know it -- the ocean being near, that is. The forest is obvious.
Created: August 24, 2000
If I’ve counted correctly, this is Part 8 of the Wolseley Across America saga. It only took me this long to figure out that I’d better number these things or it is hard to figure out which ones to read in which order. Sorry for the brain fade.
Created: August 21, 2000
We are just about out of Florida, but before we go, how about a few more Florida facts? Tough. You're going to get them anyway!
Created: August 21, 2000
While waiting for the Mini to arrive I took a few drives and played tourist. Museums, beaches, everglades. All the usual stuff. Do it if you ever get the chance. Here's a challenge for you though. Every chance you get ask whomever you are talking to if they are native Floridians. You won't find many!
Created: August 21, 2000
Before we get back to Florida, I dug up some more detailed information about this unusual car. Ryno Verster of South Africa (and from whom I bought the car) has been digging around trying to come up with a history of the cars.
Created: August 21, 2000
When I last left off I was heading up boring old I-95 towards Satch's. It was late afternoon when I arrived. Like the other places I've visited, Satch's was easy to find by the Minis in the driveway.
Created: August 21, 2000
Unlike Sherman, I drifted quietly into Georgia on Sunday the 13th, and headed up the quickest route towards Savannah. (Sherman wasn't so quiet, but he, too, headed for Savannah.) Unfortunately, that was I-95, and for the most part this was the worst section. But, I had one stop I wanted to make and I wanted to make sure I got all the way to Savannah so I could spend time there the next morning.
Created: August 18, 2000
What can I say about Florida; except, it is everything you've ever seen or read about it. It is almost a cliche of itself. Think of LA with humidity, bugs, alligators and the worst drivers in the US. Here's a tip for car makers. You could save a lot of money on Florida bound cars. Well, not a lot per car, but by leaving out the turn signal bulbs on each car it would add up. Nobody uses them anyway. OK, that is not entirely true. Occasionally, I'd see someone driving down the freeway with the left turn signal on, and on, and on... I finally figured it out. It is a handy place to hang the cell phone on those few times when it is not being used.
Created: August 15, 2000
This is about driving a Mini across America. It is about what happens along the way and about the Mini owners I am fortunate enough to meet. Some travel commentary may sneak in now and then, but Minis are the main theme. As long as all the new technology holds up (laptop, digital camera, Internet access) and all the old technology holds up (in the form of one Wolseley  1000...and driver), dialogue and photos will get posted as we make our way across the US.
Burnin' Mini
Created: June 19, 2000
Check out this Mini. So much for tires! This crazy boy is Russ Swift from the MiniSpares display team, I don't know who the biker is but the way they're going no one's going anywhere.
Created: May 22, 2000
Every inch of all the rear windows had a child's face in it,I could just about hear the bus driver yelling at all the kids to get back in their seats. As I passed it was like the wave at sporting events; the little faces just followed me down the side.
Blowing bubbles
Created: April 18, 2000
After the Mini's debut in 1959, the bubble bubble began to deflate, if not actually burst. Fuel rationing was over, we'd never had it so good and the Sixties were about to swing.
Created: April 14, 2000
Almost instantly we heard the rumbling of engines coming up from behind us. Looking in the rear view mirror I saw the most bizarre sight. It was a bozozoku gang. Near terrorist motor gangs that zip around Tokyo with battle flags, crazy outfits, and a complete disregard for cops.
Created: April 13, 2000
Two years later, after numerous visits to the police, calls downtown, meetings with a lawyer, and searching for information about our car, it was miraculously released by the Italian government. It had spent those two years outside at a tow lot, with another car parked on top of it!!!
Created: April 07, 2000
In 1969 I was a 19-year-old sports car fanatic with a 1964 Austin 850 Mini, my first car. The glory years of the Monte Carlo rally minis were just over and I was sure that my red shoebox was the ticket to motorsports fame.
Created: April 07, 2000
When I was coming out of the store at my last stop, I saw an elderly gentleman walking very slowly around my Sprite. He told me what a nice car it was and that you just don't see that many on the road anymore.
Created: March 17, 2000
I've just bought a mini. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it at the garage. He is a white mini austin, an R and L special, with a special paint job making him look like a mini cooper. His roof is turqouise and so are the stripes down his bonnet.
A class of its own
Created: March 13, 2000
Jaguar's F-type concept car has had tongues wagging and jaws sagging in admiration at Detroit and Geneva but, whatever its fate, it will never eclipse the original E-type. The F-type has evolved through the XK180 and is based, like it, around the XKR. At the F-type's unveiling, Jonathan Browning, Jaguar's managing director, said: "The F-type concept is a clear signal of Jaguar's intent to return to the true sports car market in which we were so successful in the 1950s and 60s."
Created: March 13, 2000
Lots include the red MGB roadster which she bought with her first royalty cheque. Beatles fans can also bid for Ringo Starr's 1966 Mini Cooper, fully restored and on sale for £30,000.
Created: March 08, 2000
I was not very successful due to the fact during the rainy season in Northern California whilst driving on rain slickened roads in the winter the water would seep in and collect on the floorboards. Since the MK.1 Mini had an extremely efficient heater system it provided a nice spa for my feet hence my continual operation of the car in my bare feet!
Created: March 07, 2000
More then once those magic words CALIFORNIA CAR leap from the page with the smells of sun block leather seat preservative, undercarriage bolts that can be removed without an acetylene torch and that perfect, rust free body. There is truth to the concept of the CALIFORNIA CAR. However, there are some traps that can dispel the myth.
Created: March 07, 2000
I went to look the car over during the day and it immediately became an emotional, irrational thing. There was no bargaining and no negotiations. I had to have the little maroon Mini 850, like now!
Best of British
Created: March 05, 2000
It is a tradition that goes back to the introduction of the Jaguar E-type in 1961. The British make the stars of the Geneva motor show.
Created: February 25, 2000
My boyfriend Henry and I bought a Mk2 Cooper in Torquay. It was a private sale, although the seller also appeared to have various other cars and parts for sale. The car looked quite nice, had a new MOT, a few pictures of the rebuild etc. So after thinking about for a day or so we agreed to buy it.
Created: February 24, 2000
The Mini is one of 500 cars you can take for a spin on the track or off road in Gran Turismo 2
Created: February 22, 2000
The most popular city among Mini enthusiasts of Colombia is Medellin. Medellin is home to the largest group of Mini Cords in all Colombia, and has some great shops, such as Repuestos 323
Created: February 21, 2000
In a section where two lanes merged into one, we were swept off the road by a marauding Grand Torino. My poor car was demolished. We were frightened, but unharmed. What a marvelous, mad little steel box it was. I miss it.
Created: February 17, 2000
Too Fast, Too Old and British I have owned more than fifty British cars over the past 38 years. Many would say it was a flaw in my character. I currently own just four. My first car ever was a fairly new 1959 Morris Minor convertible, black, red interior and a white top.
Created: February 16, 2000
I inspected the car myself and offered him 15 pounds for it. Damage was mostly to the right fender and with the help of a few pop rivets and some aluMinium sheet I was soon driving around in my Mini.
Created: February 16, 2000
I was in Paris ten years ago. I used a friend's Mini to get around town - and much to my delight, was allowed to park it on the sidewalk without the risk of getting a ticket or having it towed away! That was something I always wished I could get away with here in Los Angeles.
Created: February 16, 2000
How I laugh when I see the owners of those large cars driving past Mini sized spaces on the side of the road and how they glare when my pocket sized car glides easily into the smallest of gaps!
Created: February 16, 2000
On my lap was a motoring magazine, either "Motor" or "Autocar", with a photo of the Mini on the front cover. Pointing to the photo, then tapping his steering wheel, he remarked knowingly, "It'll never last as long as this."
Created: February 16, 2000
To everyone's amazement I received a letter back saying that a white Mini was waiting for me at a garage in Croydon. I was absolutely thrilled. Later that year five of us travelled from London to Spain in a Mini
Created: February 16, 2000
When I was a little girl, my mum had a fantastic red mini. I loved it so much that I told mum I wanted her to keep it for me to drive when I turned 16 (I was about five years old at the time). I was shattered when she sold my Mini and bought a VW Golf when I was about 12.
Created: February 16, 2000
But perhaps the very best memory is just putting around the shores and hills of Seattle, my young son strapped into his car seat, watching in the rearview mirror as he became hooked on this most personable of small cars, looking forward to the fun we'll have working together to keep this old wonderful crate running.....
Created: February 16, 2000
My Mini sped onwards past the hard shoulders, emitting a steady stream of cigarette smoke and mono amplified indie pop.
Created: February 16, 2000
Only thing was that the engine was from an Allegro and geared for 12 or 13" wheels - the result of this was that I rocketed from 0-50 in about three seconds with a top speed of 53! Never have I had so much fun driving. Going to miss you!
Created: February 16, 2000
My Uncle Roland took me for my first ride in a green Mini with a black top back in the mid 1960s and it was the most exhilerating ride I've ever been on. I'm sure we weren't going any faster than 40mph but it felt as though it was 120mph!
Created: February 16, 2000
I was also involved in an accident in this car near Liverpool in 1978, I braodsided a car that ran a red light. The little car was amazingly resilient and I walked away with only very slight injuries.
Created: February 16, 2000
From super-minis to diesel turbo-estates nothing I have driven has given me the same buzz as driving a genuine Mini (I've had three) despite the rumours, they are the easiest car to maintain that I've come across and get no worse with age than many other marques I could mention!
Created: February 16, 2000
When I finally got home, at about 5 mph, I discovered that THE bolt that secured the motor had snapped and that the dreadful noise was the motor rocking back and forth as I navigated the hills of Wales!
Created: February 16, 2000
It was loads of fun. No frills, no flashy electronics just good motoring. Many a time did I 'rip off' a Porsche at the traffic lights. An angel with four wheels.
Created: February 16, 2000
Life for Mini has just begun...40 and still itchy! Ask Mr Bean, he'll tell you why.
Created: February 16, 2000
The mini is in my genes! My Grandad owned one, My Dad owned one. And for my first car - a beautiful (beauty is in the eye of the beholder!) Mini Mayfair named (as all mini's have to be!) Oscar. I spent an intimate and deeply loving year with Oscar until being out of work and out of money meant we had to say Goodbye -
Created: February 16, 2000
Who can forget the moment when we gave the Italians a jolly good routing with three of England's classiest motors? Long live the Mini!!!!
Created: February 16, 2000
The interior space was amazing, apart from our child, dog, cat, drunken husband and friends, I even managed a treadle sewing machine and large assortment of greenery for the garden.
Created: February 16, 2000
The world congress of Jaycees was being held and we hosted 3 Japanese to our home one night. I can still see them sitting in the car, all grinning, saying 'ah, Mini Cooper', which it wasn't, of course. Obviously the Mini was well known to the Japanese even then.
Created: February 16, 2000
The Mini, oh yeah!!!
Created: February 16, 2000
We also had a mini station wagon in Salisbury which we re-upholstered in white leather with purple carpets and drove with two great big alsatians hanging out of the side windows.
Created: February 16, 2000
I love the attention it gets (great for pulling blokes!) and have even had tourists taking its picture. The camaraderie between mini drivers has to be unique (you never see Ford drivers waving at each other). It may not be the safest car on the road, but if you're going to be in an accident you might as well do it in style!
Created: February 16, 2000
After 30,000 miles I had very little trouble with the car and sold it for $3,375.00. Upon seeing the new owner drive away I could not help but feel a tear running down my cheek.
Created: February 16, 2000
The front-wheel drive Mini Coopers would trounce the elephantine Jags and Fords as the latter slithered around the track.
Created: February 16, 2000
He pointed out a bird rising but by the time he stopped and I got out to shoot, and cocked the gun, the bird was gone. Disappointed, I sat down into the Mini and my gun went off hitting the window frame of the Mini. This is known as the day I shot a Mini. Love that car.
Created: February 16, 2000
My fondest memory of it is driving home in company with another couple of souped-up Minis after watching the Italian Job. I can still remember its number plate - MPV 618 if its still out there. Eventually I swapped it for another car. I wish I still had it
Created: February 16, 2000
When my third son (Robin) was married in 1987 the wedding party was transported in a small convoy of Minis -- six of them. No stretched limo for the bride. The groom's wedding gift to her was a Mini painted a beautiful candy pink!
Created: February 16, 2000
I bought my first one for a hundred quid! It was a great car! My best mate also had one, and the two of us would be bouncing along having a great old time. I live in San Francisco, and they would be the ideal car for this city!
Created: February 16, 2000
Being used to the larger American cars we grew up with it was a shock for us at first, but we grew to love driving in the little thing all around London and the countryside. Still have a picture of it on my office wall, but wish I still had it in the garage!
Created: February 10, 2000
'PULL over there, where there won't be any interruptions," said Tony. "We're due out in 35 minutes, and I've got to mark up the maps . . . Parking the Triumph in a quiet corner of the Aire de Beausoleil, a service station alongside the A8 just short of the Italian border,
Created: February 10, 2000
THE ride is harder than a concrete floor, the exhaust makes a noise like a food mixer stirring six-inch nails and mysteriously - scarily, even - the steering wheel is bent out of shape. (What kind of intriguingly bold opposite-lock moment could cause that to happen? Best not to think about it.)
2000 British Historic Rally Championsip
Created: February 10, 2000
Having been a Ford man through and through, the soaring expense of maintaining my MK1 Lotus Cortina has led to a rethink of future rally plans, and a MK1 Cooper 'S' seemed the obvious choice...
Created: February 07, 2000
Rover has provided a mini at the request of members of the cast of 'Friends', which may be featured in an episode of the popular television show
Created: February 04, 2000
In an unofficial annuncement, a representative of BMW said there was "no way" a VW Beetle would appear in
Created: January 30, 2000
Here's some sound advice for anybody with a hankering to invest in a classic car: don't. It's not the cars that are to blame. There's a delicious delinquent appeal in tooling around in an old car that's thwarted the scrapyard and defied the cynical planned obsolescence of the manufacturer.
Created: May 01, 1998
When I acquired the car as a serious MOT failure seven years ago it was sprayed black (Very Badly) had a hotchpotch of different coloured seats, was as rusty as a horse shoe, and had been standing around doing nothing for years so I didn't feel too badly about my plan to change it into a convertible.
Created: February 15, 1996
IT WAS A far-fetched plot that would have delighted the editor of the Wizard: noted Harley Street bacteriologist and amateur racing driver enters his extremely second-hand sports car for the Le Mans 24-hour race. His co-driver, a pipe-smoking journalist with a talent for cartooning, rams into a pile of crashed cars in the small hours,
Created: February 06, 1996
CHAIN-SMOKING ex-cycle mechanic William Morris, who lived to be 85, was an incurable hypochondriac. In later life, even though he had become a lord and one of the richest men in England - and given millions to medical research - he continued to embarrass his executives by testing his urine samples for imagined diabetes symptoms in his threadbare office in the old Military College in the Oxford suburb of Cowley, across the road from his mighty motor works.
The Secret History of the British Motor Car- Part 2
Created: January 30, 1996
EARLY IN 1900 a young Scottish engineer, resplendent in tall silk hat and frock coat, walked into the grandly named Automobile Palace on London's Holborn Viaduct, a few doors from where the notorious Harry Lawson's company was still trying vainly to assert its patents monopoly over the motor industry.
Mini Memoirs: An American's Experience with the Austin Marina
Created: February 06, 1994
I guess I like to support the underdog. Not that I'd call my latest restoration project a dog, it's just different. It's a car you won't see on every corner, or any corner for the most part. My car is a 1973 Austin Marina. No, it's not a "HEALEY," as most people ask when I mention the word Austin.