Valetine's Day Sale
Get $500 Off During Our "Tested 1275 A+ Power Unit Deal"
Created: August 02, 2018
Get $500 back when you trade your old Mini Engine for one of our Bolt-n-Go Tested 1275 A+ Engine and Gearbox units.
Killer Engines from Mini Mania
Created: November 01, 2017
Let our experts build you a brand new "Killer" classic mini race engine that'll give you the edge you’ll need to put you in the Winner's Circle! Built with the latest cutting-edge components.
Pre-Owned & Tested Powerunits
Created: October 31, 2017
These pre-owned Classic Mini power units have been tested by the experts at Mini Mania for compression, oil pressure and blow-by. Our pre-owned assemblies includes everything from cylinder head to clutch and transmission and are ready to bolt in to your Classic Mini and go!
Created: March 14, 2014
Starting Our Mini's Engine Rebuild
Created: March 14, 2014
Building the lower End