I would like to thank you (Mini Mania) for your support of our Victoria Minis Meet 2007. As a regular customer, I found your stock of parts very helpful during the enhancement of “Purdey”, the 2004 BMW MINI that won the Peoples' Choice and came second for the Drivers' Choice.  In addition, the parts we purchased from you during the restoration of “Toots”, the 1988 Rover Mini propelled her to win both the Drivers' Choice and the Peoples' Choice at our meet. Our work continues, as we will be upgrading “Dinsdale” over the next little while. Your donations of the book “MOTORING Getting the Maximum from Your New MINI” by Gary Anderson and Don Racine was well received and greatly appreciated by my husband and me.  It is easy to understand and cleared up many questions we had and helped give us a confidence boost to consider entering an Autocross as well. I look forward to continuing our business in the near and distant future.

Again, Mini/MINI thanks!



Don, thank you so much for Mini Manias sponsorship of our Victoria Minis Annual Meet.

The attendees were pleased to receive a copy of your new book, Motoring and the items for prizes were well received. Be assured that Mini Mania was mentioned over and over during the event and we will be placing info and a link back to your site on our review of the meet on our website.

We appreciate you support for the Mini community and have encouraged our members and the attendees at the meet to support Mini Mania. See you next year at MMW in California..

Mike Smith
Victoria Minis

Bob Corbett
Victoria Minis

Dave Walker
Victoria Minis