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BMW Mini Cooper

 1988 Mini Popping out of 4th Gear - need expert advice

 Created by: luvtorun
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 Posted: Aug 25, 2014 12:39PM
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You mention he fixed oil seepage from the shifter.  The seal kit comes three main pieces, the rubber seal, an aluminum sleeve (bushing) and the rubber boot.

Instructions say "To fit the kit simply remove the old gaiter and then the old oil seal. Fit the sleeve with the "O" ring fitted and slide over the rod into the gearbox. If the car was already fitted with a sleeve, remove the old one before replacing and then fit the main seal. The dust cover fits up against the seal to prevent road debris getting in."

If you have two aluminum bushings in there, then the linkage can't go all the way in to engage 2nd and 4th.
 I think some later engines do not use the aluminum bushing (don't recall for sure). On mine, I couldn't get an old one out ( if there was one), so didn't put the new one in. Mine Hasn't leaked since

Experts: please clarify.



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 Posted: Aug 25, 2014 11:24AM
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This may be anectotal, but on our lemons racer, we changed out the mounts that hold the shifter in the trans tunnel. The new mounts were slightly shorter than the originals, this caused the top rod of the rod cgange assemblt to foul slightly on the trans tunnel. This added tension on the rod caused the trans to pop out of 4th...
I do think that added stiffness and tension in the system can definitely cause things to jump out of gear...

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 Posted: Aug 25, 2014 11:10AM
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Do you noyice a different 'feel'  in the shifter? Maybe the shift linkage is loose after the seal was replaced.

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 Posted: Aug 25, 2014 10:50AM
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Hello everyone.  


I own a 1988 mini that I absolutely love and bought from a private party approximately 3yrs ago.  Up until now, I have had very little problems other than standard leaks and routine maint.  In fact, I have only recently started experiencing some gearbox is issues where first 2nd and 4th were popping out of gear.  



I bought the car from an individual that converted it from automatic to 4-speed.  I've only put about 1,000 miles on it as I've mainly been been using it as a weekend run about, and rarely above 50mph.  


Recently I decided to take my bonus check and treat her to a visit to the shop to fix some leaks and other issues I had been concerned about.  Replaced Water pump, Radiator and Oil seepage from the shifter etc.  


During the work the technician (highly reputable European specialist, but not a classic Mini expert) noticed that the engine mount bolts were really loose and that the engine was hitting the fire wall during the drive - OK, this is my first and only mini so I wouldn't have known the difference.  I asked him to make it right and he did.


I picked up the car and was Happy as pie with the feel and the repairs made.  Unfortunately, it appears that my investment opened up pandora's box.  


I didn't make it more than 5 miles down the road and had to return the car for another look.  The car's gears were gritty and the car was popping out of 2nd and 4th gear.  More so in 4th during deceleration when I let off the gas.


I returned the car and the technician looked it over again.  He loosened the engine bolts just a bit thinking the new regidity may be the cause and also replaced what appeared to be a worn shifter bushing.  The car doesn't pop out of 2nd now and the shift into all gears is smooth, but It still pops out of 4th during deceleration / letting off the gas. 


Wanted to send a shout out to see if you guys thought tightening the engine mounts may have brought to light a problem the previous owner had, but has masked it by loosing bolts as opposed to trouble shooting the problem.   I know very little about mini's and need some help with my baby.  


I can't think of anything else that would have changed that would have literally brought this problem on overnight.    

Found 44 Messages

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