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 re Moke America.. trouble in paradise ??

 Created by: PhatHeadDonnie
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Aug 5, 2022 08:39AM PhatHeadDonnie Edited: Aug 6, 2022 08:01PM 
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 Posted: Aug 5, 2022 08:39AM
 Edited:  Aug 6, 2022 08:01PM
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Just got email that Cruise Car Inc is dropping Moke America as Client.. CCI assembles the E mokes. from Wuhu Volibear imported from Wuhu China.. and installs the CCI golf cart vin number ( WMI ) 5 Y N. on them..I am told   CCI is being sold to ICON in Tampa ..Moke USA vs Moke America.. trademark appeal coming up.. in Q 4.. and Moke America lost first case in April 2020.