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Part Diagrams: 1990 & Later

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Engine & Block 998cc
Engine & Block 1275cc
Camshaft & Timing Chain
Cylinder Head
Timing, Side Plate & Rocker Covers
Oil Pumps, Filters & Coolers
Water Pump & Thermostat - Pre 1996 Not MPI
Water Pump and Thermostat from V134455 1275 MPI 96 on
Inlet & Exhaust Manifolds (except injection)
Inlet & Exhaust Manifolds For Injection Cars
Engine Breathers - Emission Control - Purge Valve
Emission, Carburettor Fittings & Engine Controls
Engine Mountings

Flywheel & Clutch
Flywheel & Clutch
Clutch Cylinders & Flywheel Case

Gearbox & Gear Train
Primary Gear Train
Gearbox Transmission Case
Gearbox Transmission Case II
Gearbox Selector Forks
Gear Lever and Selector Mechanism

Driveshaft, Suspension & Wheels
Driveshafts and CV Joints
Drive Flange and Front Hub Bearings
Front Suspension, Hubs, Upper and Lower Arms
Front Suspension
Rear Radius Arm and Bearings
Rear Damper and Suspension
Road Wheels and Wheel Trim

Steering Wheels, Locks and Columns
Steering Wheel Pads and Badges
Steering Racks

Brake & Brake Controls
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Brake/Clutch Pedals and Controls
Brake Master Cylinders, Valves, and Servo
Brake Pipes and Fittles
Handbrake and Mechanism

Fuel & Exhaust
Carburettor HS4
Carburettor HIF38 and HIF44
Throttle Body SPI and MPI
Fuel Rails and Pipes
Air Cleaners
Fuel Tanks and Pumps
Exhausts for 998c with HS4 and Cooper with HIF44
1275cc with HIF38 Carburettor and Open Loop Catalyst
Exhausts for all Injection Cars

Cooling,  Heating,  AC
Radiators pre-1996
Radiator Fans, Hoses, Expansion Tank pre-1996
Radiator Hoses and Expansion Tank MPI
Heater Unit, Valves, and Controls
Heater Valves, Hoses and Controls
Heating and Fresh Air Ducts/Hoses
Air Conditioning - Japan

Electrical & Instruments
Power Unit Electrics (non injection)
Power Unit Electrics (SPI)
Power Unit Electrics (MPI)
Alternators and Starter
Spot and Fog Lamps
Indicator Lamps
Rear and Interior Lighting
Windscreen Wipers and Wash
Instruments All 2 Clock and PRE92 3 Clock Clusters
3 Clock Clusters for all HIF38 Carburettor and Injection 1991-On Cars
Speedo Cable and Fittings, Clock and Guages
Flasher Unit, Fusebox, and Relays
Horn and Alarm
Battery Fittings, Cables and Main Looms
Body Looms and Harnesses
Air Bag

Front Subframe
Rear Subframe